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How to boost your career by learning new skills


One of the best ways to work your way up the career ladder is to show that you are always happy to learn new skills and can be flexible too. This means that while you are working, you should also be keeping an eye out for ways that you can stretch your abilities and get involved with something a bit different.

If you already have a work environment that allows you as an employee to thrive, finding ways to learn will be really easy. In fact, in this sort of environment, you won’t even need to look too hard – the opportunities will come to you!

But what about if you aren’t working in the perfect environment? What can you do?

Return to academia

There are all sorts of courses and degrees you can do now and you might not think that you have the time to really do it properly. But, if you can manage to set aside some time, then a distance learning business management degree could be just the thing to give your skill set a boost and put you on the right track to promotion.

If you have a supportive manager, you might like to run this idea past them to see whether there is a chance that you could take a half day each week to help give you more time to study. Make it clear that you want to do the degree in order to develop your CV and boost your career with them. Plus, everyone will benefit from your new knowledge and its application.

Try day courses

If a whole degree sounds like a bit much, and you have a very specific thing you would like to learn, then day courses could be a really good option for you. There are all sorts of courses around that can offer you the chance to learn something new as well as meet new people.

Managers tend to be supportive of sending you on a day course, especially if you sell it to them as a chance to network. Just check on the price of the course before you get excited as there are a lot of very expensive courses around that offer little more than their cheaper equivalents. Shop around and look for reviews and accreditations from universities or well known industry standards boards as these will give an indication of quality.

Shadow someone else in the office

One of the most effective ways to learn about different roles in your workplace is to shadow a colleague. This isn’t formal training per se, but it will give you an idea of what you should go an look into later on. Plus, it is a perfect opportunity to talk to teams you wouldn’t otherwise, and gain a better insight into how the company is run.

Managers love this kind of thing because it is completely free and you will be able to return the favour to other colleagues too, building up the general skill sets of everyone in the office.

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