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Sales tips on how to grow your ecommerce store


There are some top tier tips you need to remember when it comes to growing your ecommerce store. They are great for any type of store, from the established giant to the startup ecommerce shop.  You will find that they address all sides of a healthy business: internal, external, and third party.  It’s great when your store is having a great period, but success can only get you so far before you reach the plateau for your store’s level. In this situation, you either settle with your current profits or choose to expand and grow as a business, so that you may be able to tap into superior profits, opportunities and an overall higher level of business

Have influencers rep your store

Influencers are people or companies that hold a certain amount of influence over a group of people or a demographic. This category includes the likes of celebrities, internet stars, bloggers and pretty much anyone else or any other entity that can sway a large group of people. Partnering with influencers as an ecommerce brand gives you access to their following and offers you the great opportunity of acquiring a large number of new potential customers One way of establishing this partnership is to give the influencer merchandise from your store to rep on their YouTube or Twitch channel, or in photos they post on Instagram or their blog. You gain credibility through association and thus increase your presence in the medium in which that influencer is active while enhancing your potential for profit generation.

Have more people help you out

An ecommerce store can be run by a single person only up to a certain point. After that you need at least two or three people, and when the store grows some more, it can turn into a twenty man job Depending on how much your store grows or you want it to grow, you need to adjust how many people work under you. Having extra helping hands can be invaluable when running a store. If you’re buying an existing ecommerce off a platform like Exchange by Shopify, you need to find out what the operations side of the business looks like, and if any staff that worked for the previous owner would be willing to come help you out. This will allow you to get the most out of your store, as you can focus on your area of expertise and assign the others areas to your staff members. For example, one staff member could take control of inventory while another could manage customer support.

Increase your credibility through blog posts

Having a blog section on your platform will increase your credibility. Keeping blog posts relevant and informative in regards to the nature of your store will give consumers the necessary guarantee to commit to your ecommerce platform. Having a diverse and engaging blog will ensure that you are perceived as more than just a seller, but as someone with an educated and authoritative opinion on the product type at hand, which is the main focus of your business. This changes things dramatically and you will find that a lot more people are inclined to give you their business if they can trust in your aptitude and knowledge of the subject.

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