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Boss girl strategies: how to navigate the challenges


This guide outlines the most strategic methods for beating the hurdles of becoming or being a ‘boss girl’ in today’s business environment.

More than ever before, women are stepping into their power and becoming their own bosses or CEOs of major companies. Times are changing and women have more involvement in their careers and more power amongst other important employees. However, becoming a boss girl isn’t always easy, especially when many people still hold this taboo against listening to a woman.

Strategies for boss girl success

In order to be a successful boss girl, there are some helpful strategies and tactics that will help you step into your power. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Up 

It can be more difficult to speak up as a woman, but you have to get more comfortable doing it as a boss girl. Remember, that it’s okay to be nervous about speaking up or making your voice heard, it will get easier each time you do it. One mantra to remember in your head is “my voice matters”. You deserve to be heard and understood, no matter how many people disagree with you. Sometimes, it’s the necessary action to take when things need to be done. 

Know Your “Why”

Equally as important as knowing your passion, is knowing your “why” behind what you’re doing. By this you should ask yourself– what is my ultimate goal for this business? What’s the mission? This also means knowing your target audience and what they’re looking for in value for your business.

This is all important because you can’t make a correct plan for how you’re going to succeed unless all these foundational elements are established. A boss girl who’s working hard is definitely important, but without a reason behind your work, you won’t have a clear purpose. 

Be Inspired By Those You Admire 

It isn’t easy to do it all on your own– and you don’t have to! It is so helpful to have a mentor or person who you look up to where you can go with all your questions. It’s okay if you don’t have anyone you personally know who you can go to for advice. You can listen to podcasts, read some books, or watch a youtube series.

There’s no better place to gather perspective and pieces of advice for being a boss girl than from those who have already walked the walk. Female-focused stories are the most inspiring, as you can get a good understanding of what they’ve been through and where they made their mistakes. These boss girl leaders are powerful! 

Use Technology To Your Advantage 

Unless you’re a yoga instructor in Costa Rica — and lucky you, if that’s the case! — you’re going to need technology to be successful as a boss girl. Technology enables us to connect and thrive in today’s business world. You can reach a far broader audience than ever before thanks to the power of technology.

It is not difficult to start a website these days with a variety of platforms you can use to create the website of your dreams. Perhaps the most customizable and versatile platform to use is WordPress. Even the hosting industry provides versatility – you can choose from options ranging from small business hosting to eCommerce hosting to agency WordPress hosting, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with your website.

Ignore The Haters 

We all wish that everyone was the supportive “go get em” type of person, but that’s not always the case. The truth is, no matter who you are as a boss girl – teacher, doctor, or entrepreneur, there will always be someone who has something negative to say. Everyone has an opinion, and odds are there will be someone who disagrees with your point of view.

Try to ignore the people who are doubting your capabilities, because who needs them, anyways? Sometimes others do have your best interest at heart to ask you the important questions like, “are you financially prepared?” This may come off the wrong way in your mind, but they see it as something that may be helpful to you as a boss girl. Remind them that you’ve thought it through and pondered these questions before. 

Hustle — But Remember To Be Kind

It’s important to work hard and keep hustling as a boss girl. Trust me, you will have moments where you’ll want to give up. However, keep pushing through and come back to the roots of why you started in the first place. If you start to gain success, remember to stay humble and remain kind. Many people gain power and let it get to their head and forget where they came from! 

Impact and satisfaction: what the research says

The growing participation of women in entrepreneurship indicates the great economic potential and significant contribution of female entrepreneurship — the boss girl — to the world’s development. In this regard, it should be noted that, according to the latest survey published by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) in 2009, for the first time the number of  ‘boss girl’ entrepreneurs (53%) outnumbered male entrepreneurs (47%), both in the entrepreneurship by opportunity and entrepreneurship by necessity.

But, “after all, what do women want?”. Considering that entrepreneurship involves the challenge of choosing to create and/or conduct one’s own enterprise, the above question suggests seeking to understand the factors that motivate women to be entrepreneurs and to analyze the difficulties and consequences of this ‘boss girl’  choice.

According to Anderson and Woodcock (1996), the motives of ‘boss girl’ entrepreneurs to undertake are: survival, dissatisfaction with male leadership, discovery of a market niche, satisfaction in making their own decisions, perception of the challenge that, in combination with pleasure and contentment associated therein, constitutes the main factor.

On the other hand, women leave their formal jobs to create their companies due to three factors, ordered by their degree of importance: 1) self-determination, autonomy and freedom; 2) challenges and attractions of entrepreneurship, involving aspects such as recognition and the opportunity to be in control of your destiny; 3) obstacles to development within corporations, involving mismatch with corporate culture, discrimination and barriers to professional development (Moore & Buttner, 1997). In a complementary way and different from what happens with men, the flexibility of time as well as family reasons are pointed out as reasons that drive ‘boss girl’ entrepreneurs to want to be their own bosses (Boden Jr., 1999).

Regarding the consequences of entrepreneurship, it appears that business owners themselves have higher levels of satisfaction than executives. According to Korn/Ferry (2001), the main sources of this differentiated satisfaction of female entrepreneurs refer to the pace of work, the minimum amount of third-party interference and satisfied personal interests. It can be argued, then, that the satisfaction of ‘boss girl’ entrepreneurs is due to the fact that they can act autonomously and have decision-making power, important factors in the satisfaction of women in leadership positions and that predict the psychological well-being of married women, such as show Possati and Dias (2002).


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