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Trendy must-haves for every girlboss


Your space says so much about you—make sure it reflects your personality. A strong woman who’s equally motivated and driven as she is chic and savvy should have a suite of technology and accessories to match. If you’re looking to be successful and achieve your goals—while looking stylishly doing so—add these essential items to your home or office and shine like the trendy girlboss you are.

Desk organizer

Did you know that a messy desk might be messing up your career? A survey conducted by CareerBuilders reports how disorganization could come at the cost of a promotion. They found that:

  • One third (33%) of workers say they tend to be hoarders
  • 38% say that their desk surfaces are 50 to 100 percent covered by work materials
  • 2 in 5 (38%) employers say piles of paper cluttering a desk negatively impacted their perception of that person
  • 28% of managers say they’re less likely to promote workers who keep an organized space

The moral of this story is that it’s time for you to clean up and declutter! Make your desk and office as sleek and refined as you are using a stylish desk organizer. From mahogany wood to chrome metal, the aesthetic you go for is entirely up to you.

Charging valets

In the spirit of organization, make sure your office doesn’t look like a disjointed satellite branch of Best Buy with an array of wires. Find yourself a docking station which can charge all of your gadgets at once—while keeping those unruly cables out of site. Not only do these help cut down the clutter, but they help you get organized in high style. Step into the future and charge your headsets wirelessly by adding a minimalistic Powermat pad to your desk.

Tech essentials

Now that you know how to effortlessly stash and store your desktop gadgets, let’s take a look at which pieces of must-have technology every girlboss needs.

  • Laptop: Don’t be mounted to your desk by an outdated computer monitor; pick up a laptop with a long battery life that can go where you go throughout the day. Why settle for a blasé laptop when you can get yourself a chic rose gold laptop— designed to turn heads at every meeting.
  • Tablet: Tablets are also worth your consideration of electronics. Both light and compact with powerful processing speeds, these hand held devices are the perfect solution for the busy, jetsetting woman. By keeping your tablet on your person at all times, you’ll never miss an urgent email again.
  • Smart Watch: Having trouble keeping track of meetings, scheduled luncheons and conference calls throughout the day? Invest in an Apple or Android smart watch—you won’t regret it. Not only do these advanced timepieces alert you to incoming calls, texts, emails, and calendar events, but they also remind you when it’s time to stand up, stretch, and drink a glass of water. Great for business and health for all ladypreneurs!

Motivational decorationsTrendy must-haves for every girlboss

We’re not talking about the posters from your 4th grade classroom which boasted inspirational quotes; add decorations to your home or office that inspire you to do what you love and put forth that motivational grind (in the cutest way possible!). Browse Etsy or similar sites that feature endless office space accessories, such as:

  • Sticky note sets for when you need a ‘note’ of confidence and a positivity boost throughout your busy schedule.
  • Canvas art or framed prints with uplifting text such as “She Buys Her Own Fresh Flowers” or “Fab-YOU-lous”.
  • A novelty nameplate engraved with the title “Girl Boss” for a retro-vibe insignia that announces your identity to the world.
  • Coffee mugs that can fuel you both physically and mentally, such as one’s that read “The Tears of My Enemies”.
  • Self-standing sign décor carved to say “Hustle” or the like in a stylish hand-lettering.

A dash of green

We salute girlbosses everywhere, but nonetheless stress the importance of finding balance and harmony within your hectic lives. Don’t forget to add some greenery into your workplace to oxygenate your area and give yourself a bit of balance. Choose between potted plants, freshly cut flowers, or exotic orchids. For the trendier plant fixture, add a geometric succulent terrarium to your desk; they look great and are incredibly low-maintenance, freeing up your time to tend to high priorities.

You’ve worked hard to get this far and you deserve to show off a bit! Add these products to your office for both fashion and productivity points.

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