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3 Ways to build a better website


In this digital world, the website of a business is just like their storefront. And if it is not up to the mark or more comfortable for the users to navigate through, then you are not taking full advantage of it. Your goal should be to make a website that is not just engaging your users but are also making them come back again and again. Let’s have a look at a few simple tips that can help you build a better website:

Keep it simple and unique

Your homepage and your landing pages are the most crucial part of your site, and you need to keep them as simple as possible. If you want your website to look unique, then instead of piling it up with additional content, think outside the box and come up with something unique. Make sure that your homepage is answering all the questions that can arise in your visitors’ minds. Also, providing your visitors with a smooth user experience should be your priority. If your user is not sure how to navigate through the website, then he or she is more likely to bounce. So, study your target audience accurately and do user experience research so you can improve your conversion rate by providing users what they are looking for. Experts at adobe follow this one trick, “before starting any user research, it’s vital to identify key goals you want to achieve and what metrics you’ll track along the way.”

Optimize your site for every device and platform

If you want to achieve maximum results from your website, then you need to ensure it is optimized for all the platforms and devices. The pages should not be designed for big screens and should not contain any features that will weigh the website down. Most of the users will be visiting your website from mobile phones, so make sure that it has no lags or elements out of order in the mobile version. The layout of the website can also look different on different web browsers, so you need to test all of the browsers once you are done with the design process.

Keep the loading time of your site in check

The loading time of your website plays a vital role in its success. If your website is even slightly slower, then you will be losing a lot of new users. Your website should not take more than three seconds to load. The reason behind that is in this fast-paced digital world, the attention span of an average user is no more than eight seconds, and no one likes to visit a website that does not open instantly after clicking it. You can keep the time in check by removing all the unnecessary elements from your website. Use low size images and avoid adding flash elements as well. Your site’s hosting matters a lot as well. Most of the small businesses opt for cheap hosting services at the beginning, which can easily get affected by higher traffic on the website. So, it is highly recommended that you pick a reputable hosting service. Auditing your site regularly is a great way of making sure that your website is loading in time.

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