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6 ways to build a profitable portfolio


As you build a portfolio, it’s important to consider certain strategies that can help you gain the most profit. If you’re new to finance, making smart decisions when it comes to your investments can make all the difference. Read on to learn more about the different ways to build a profitable portfolio.

Determine Your Objectives

As you build a portfolio, it’s essential to understand the reasoning behind your investments. This is because your portfolio will look and perform much differently based on your portfolio’s purpose. Whether you want capital appreciation or income, setting a clear objective for your investments and your overall portfolio can help you gain the most returns.

Invest In Stocks that Pay Monthly Dividends

As opposed to dividends that are paid quarterly or semi-annually, monthly dividends come with several benefits for investors — particularly, dividend-paying exchange-traded funds (ETFs). For one, they’re a great way to manage your cash flow and budget your income stream. Not only that, but they also yield greater returns when they’re reinvested. Because of this, monthly dividends are a great way to build a profitable portfolio.

Both large and small firms offer monthly dividend ETF funds. Before you make this investment, make sure to review each for their expenses and potential risk.

Diversify Your Assets

Rather than putting all of your money in a single investment, opt for a diversified portfolio. Doing so allows you to invest in companies spanning different industries, sectors, and regions. If something like bankruptcy or a natural disaster affects one of your stocks, you still have the rest of your portfolio to fall back on. Though you’ll feel the impact of any negative effects, it won’t be as bad as if you had put all of your money into one company, industry, or region.

Make Regular Adjustments

Once you have a good portfolio, take the time to regularly assess it due to price movement changes. To do this, analyze your asset allocation. Along with changes in price movement, it’s important to keep in mind other factors that may change over time like your financial standing and risk tolerance. If any of these factors change significantly, you should reassess and rebalance your portfolio accordingly.

Lower Your Costs

As you build your portfolio, consider what you’re paying in fees, sales loads, brokerage commissions, and other expenses. Minimizing your costs at the beginning of your investments can save you plenty of money in the long run.

Don’t Overpay For an Asset

Even if a stock seems like a good investment, it’s essential to check the stock price. Take the time to do some research regarding the company’s finances. This can help you determine if you’re getting a fair price for the stock in question. When you make strategic investments, you’re more apt to see a profit later on.

As you work on building a strong portfolio, remember to account for your unique financial circumstances. Though these strategies are a good starting point, it ultimately comes down to your unique situation.

About Inna Rosputnia

Inna Rosputnia is a successful futures trader and wealth manager, working with individual and institutional clients. She is founder and CEO of Lady F Wealth management. Inna graduated from two universities and has a Master degree in economy and international relations. She is also a well-known philanthropist. This year Inna joined the Cherie Blair Foundation to make her contribution to women’s empowerment. She believes that building confidence is the first step every woman should make to open her true power, strength and world-changing capability. Inna is author of the book Basic instinct of woman-trader.

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