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Celebrity real estate moguls


In the world of real estate, it’s surprising how many celebrities get involved. It may seem strange that someone who makes their money acting, singing, or just being famous would bother developing real estate businesses. They already have their business locked down. But, of course, some people are businessmen and women at heart.

Rupert Grint

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint may be the last person that you would expect to be in property development. After the films, Grint left the world of acting, along with his co-star Emma Watson. Since, he’s been using the capital is generated in the movies to buy, sell, and lease properties. Essentially, for Grint, he’s managed to secure himself a life of comfort, with the work he did as a child. Of course, he worked very hard for that. And, it’s taken his keen mind for business to get him where he is today.

Donald Trump

Okay, so this one isn’t really a surprise. In fact, US President-Elect Donald Trump was originally famous for his portfolio. Starting out in business as a young man, Trump managed to get his hands on a hotel for the not-so-modest sum of $70 million. Of course, he had some help from his father. But, from there on out, Trump was independent. That was until the mid-90s, where Trump lost an entire billion of his fortune. Since then, he’s managed to build his way to the top and even secured his presidency. Political or personal opinions aside, you must admit that Trump is an impressive businessman. Trump has property all over the world.

Coran Capshaw

Some people, though, prefer to have their ventures closer to home. And, that’s what Coran Capshaw has done. Capshaw is famous amongst the fans of the musicians he manages and markets for. In his home of Charlottesville, Capshaw has developed several properties. Including controversial student properties and well-received restaurants. The work that he has done in the town has aided to it’s growth. And, of course, to Capshaw’s portfolio. Most property moguls will stick to one area, but he’s ventured into everything. From businesses to private residences. As a side project to his lucrative record companies, Capshaw’s real estate mastery is certainly to be admired.

Real estate is often a path for retired or bored celebs. It’s a market that can be joined and worked by the least experienced of business people. All you need to get started in the world of property is money and time. There isn’t a requirement for skill until you start to make big decisions. But, with the help of professionals, it’s easy to make the right choices.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start making your own real estate investments. Working on projects like this can be extremely rewarding; not only in return but also in satisfaction. Owning properties gives you a tangible investment, without entrusting your money with others.

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