Choosing an investment? Here are your 5 best tips


Once you start earning some cash, you will want to put some away for tough times. When you finally make that decision, there are lots of things that you need to put into consideration. After all, when you part with your hard earned cash, it should be worth it.

You need an investment that works for you. Here are some tips by Capital 19 that will ensure that you get the most worth out of your investment.

Have an objective and plan towards it

You need to know what you want from your investment. That goal or objective can help you plan. This will influence your decisions concerning the amount to invest and even how long to invest. The plan will also help you to identify those plans that will be great for you. When you are beginner, you should first consider low-risk investments and then build up from there.

Avoid investing money that you cannot afford to lose

Unless you understand that investment is a risk, you should not invest. You need to know that it may yield a positive or negative result. That is why you should not invest money that you intend to use for a project in the next couple of weeks. You should also not think of investing money you have borrowed. Sometimes, the advertised rate for certain investments are so appealing that you may consider borrowing money to invest so that you can get the gains. If it backfires, you will end up in a lot of trouble.


The market changes and an investment that was viable a few weeks ago may no longer be. It is, therefore, essential to diversify your portfolio. Invest in different investment sectors that have similar prices. It could be wise to look at highly liquid investments such as coinage metals.

Check the charges

Usually, direct and individual shares investment dealings come with stock broking services. These services attract charges. If you decide to opt for investment funds too, there will be charges. One of them is paying the fund manager. Sometimes, you will need to pay an adviser to receive reliable investment information. You should, therefore, ask the investment firm to explain the charges to you so that you can make an informed decision. Although the charges depend on the quality of service, you will not want to invest in a sector where the costs take all the gains you will make.

Create an emergency fund

No matter how attractive an investment may be, you should not put all your funds into it. You need to put some cash aside for emergencies. With the investment, you may lose part of your money when you go for it before it matures. However, if you need cash urgently and all means to get funds fail, and you have money in an investment fund, you will have no option than to go it. To avoid a situation like this, you need to keep some money for emergencies. There are instances where you may lose your job, and you will need some cash to get by.

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