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Common hiring mistakes to avoid


In terms of resources, you can’t get much more important than your staff members. But some businesses simply don’t put the amount of time and effort they need into ensuring that they hire the right people for the job. This could be due to tight time constraints, a lack of resources, or simple laziness. In fact, finding the wrong person for the job is worse than leaving the vacancy open. You are going to have to pay for their training, only to find that they leave within a short period of time or you have to fire them. And then you will end up having to go through the same process all over again. So, to help you avoid falling into some of the most common hiring traps, here are a few of the most obvious mistakes to avoid.

Not writing an accurate job description

Before you place the ad, you should consider what sort of person you are looking to hire. An accurate job description needs to be written to describe your ideal candidate, as well as the skills that you want them to have. Ultimately, it is worth being as accurate and clear as possible at this early stage to discourage people who aren’t right for the job from putting their name forward. And when you start to receive applications, you can match up how well the candidates have responded to your specifications directly.

Failing to diversify where you post the job

If you keep posting your job in the same places over and over again, don’t be surprised to find that the same candidates keep putting their name forward. While most companies are posting their jobs on online forums these days, not all of them are utilizing social media, which is one of the ways that younger candidates are searching for new opportunities. If you are looking for candidates who are highly skilled and specialized, you could consider getting in touch with recruiters who have a network of contacts that enable them to source these kinds of people.

Getting too many people involved

While there is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion on your potential candidates, it can end up having the opposite effect if you get too many people involved. It is also good practice to limit the number of interviewees so that you are not overwhelmed with choice.

If you are looking for an additional screening process, you could always consider introducing a phone interview stage into the equation. Some companies let HR professionals do the first interview while others leave it down to the head of the department or even do it themselves – which is more likely if you run a small business.

Whoever does it needs to be properly trained, so that there is no risk of them asking any irrelevant or inappropriate questions. Whatever you decide, you should have a standardised process which applies to each and every candidate.

Talking too much

The interview stage is the chance of the candidates to express why they are suitable for the job, putting a clear case forward. If you talk too much rather than giving them a chance to speak, you are failing to do this. Similarly, if you ask too many questions which can only elicit a yes/no response, you will not be getting the maximum amount of information about your candidates. If there is an awkward silence, let it go for a while as it is likely that the interviewee will fill it and you can find some information that you would not have known about otherwise.

Failing to check references

This may seem like an obvious cardinal sin, but it is the kind of trap which companies fall into time and time again. The references may seem great on paper, but unfortunately, there are some dishonest people out there who are not providing you with accurate information about their educational or career backgrounds, so you need to do a thorough background check on any potential contractor by visiting CRB Direct.

There are some reasons why you should hire MBA students, but you need to ensure that they have the credentials in the first place. You don’t have to check the references of each and every one of your potential candidates, but once you have settled on a final shortlist, it is worth putting in a couple of calls. You may even get some information which sways your decision.

As we mentioned at the start, getting the right candidates at the earlier possible opportunity is one of the most valuable things that you can do as a business owner. By avoiding these common mistakes, you are helping to maximise your chances of doing this.

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