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The common mistakes in hiring unqualified personnel and contractors


A business is founded around a main idea, a core, a concept that the business owner envisions as being a great success. However there are roads leading to and from that central position and this involves understanding and managing a far broader array of trades and skills. You might be the piece that holds everything together, but your business wouldn’t be nearly as profitable or even functional without Sally from accounting and Dave from Management. You can take this principle even further, to outsourcing services. Some of them are convenient while some of them are utterly necessary. And when it comes to necessities, it’s best if you go for the best available solution.

Throughout the process of building and managing a business, business owners will often times be put in situations where they will need the help of other businesses or organizations in order to progress past a dilemma or obstacle. Even the smallest tasks can provide such inconveniences but it’s generally the bigger problems that require a helping hand or two.

In the moment, it might seem clever to go for a cheaper solution in hopes of saving money in the short run. However, when it comes to the long run, this most times backfires terribly. Many companies make the critical mistake of hiring unqualified personnel to handle jobs that are clearly meant for professionals. By unqualified personnel we don’t mean just random people off the street, but rather companies, or people posing as companies, which don’t truthfully posses the required skills  to get the job done efficiently.

Contractors and why it’s important to go for the very best

As an example, let’s take a closer look at a task such as removing a heating oil tank. Many properties have oil tanks left over from the days when this was the most efficient and popular means of heating a property. Today, they represent health and environmental hazards and need to be removed ASAP. Companies and businesses that want to buy properties need to first remove such tanks if the previous ownership had not disposed of them already.

Many businesses will be happy to give the job to the first contractor they come across, especially if they come at a very good price. Contrary to this approach, take this example of the correct one for oil tank experts who know the difference between the various states of an oil tank. The only thing remaining now is to assess the differences between the businesses who chose the cheap solution and the one that went for the professionals.

Unqualified and non-professional contractors and the top mistakes they make

There are many mistakes that are often repeated by contractors which do not possess the required skill cap. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what they are doing that puts your business at risk and detriments your finances far worse than were you to spring for the professional and industry recommended solution:

  • The unqualified often do not do a full, visual inspection of the property, meaning that they are missing out on important clues which hint at a state of decay and thus they miss the clear signals that they need to intervene
  • They do not fully comprehend how the necessary equipment works and thus provide a low efficiency rate, due to the fact that they aren’t utilizing the tools put at their disposal by their trade at maximum efficiency standards
  • They lack the required insurance, which means that in the eventuality of something going wrong, your business will unfortunately have suffer the most financially, not to mention the damage done by the workers
  • These teams do not have the necessary field experience to operate machinery and be around working zones such as the ones you’re dealing with, meaning that they are virtually incapable of performing the task you are paying them for fully
  • And one of the worst of all, they do not provide truthful reports about findings and performed operations. While they might be getting away with an extra buck, your business suffers tremendously at the hands of damage dealt and existent prior, unknowing of the true gravity of the situation

How to make sure your investment in contractors is returned tenfold?

Taking all that into account, you might be wondering how a business is supposed to avoid such problems in the first place and spot the contractors and businesses that can really provide professional assistance. There are a few ways in which this can be done, and we’re going to go over them in a second.

Asking around

Word of mouth is one of the most reliable ways of finding competent contractors, given the fact that you are asking the right people, of course. Make sure to take time to ask fellow businesses or companies that might have used similar services in the past. If you’re worried about the whole “competition thing”, remember that not everything has to be an actual competition and most professional businesses would love to share tips on how to improve. Getting a hold of a contractor name with a good reputation from a business entity you trust can mean more than any resume.

Consult certification offices

Most trades have regulatory bodies behind them which basically vouch for the integrity of the practitioners of that trade. In other words, there should be a central authority that oversees all activity practices by the kind of contractor you are interested in. Consulting their own statistics and standings, it can be easily to determine which the best are picks based on ratings and rankings.

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