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Revamping your company’s online presence


It’s 2018, and that means that more people are using the internet to find businesses and buy whatever they need than ever before. In many places, the locals are more likely to look online than they are to wander down Mainstreet to find whatever it is they need. What that means is that you need to have an online presence. Not only that, but your company’s online face needs to be regularly revamped.

Here are some simple things you can do right now that will improve your business’ online presence and hopefully bring you some fresh business:

Reassess your target audience

When you setup your business website, you probably did so with your target audience in mind, but how long ago was that? If it was a while, it could be the case that your target audience are not the same as they were back then, or maybe their tastes have changed. So, take some time to pursue your social media accounts to see who’s following you and have a web design company add features that will allow you to collect more data on your visitors, such as email marketing services. After all, you need to know who you are dealing with if you want to be able to sell your stuff to them.

Seek feedback

Next, you should seek feedback from your audience. If someone has bought a product for you, ask them what they thought of not only the product but the experience of buying it and how your website looks. As well as this, try to ask people who are following you but have not yet made a purchase, what is holding them back.

Make your social media more engaging

How often do you update your social media accounts? If you don’t update them at the very least once a day and if you don’t update them with engaging content that makes them stop, read and most importantly act, you will get left behind in the dust, So, make this a priority, even if that means hiring a social media manager from Whosay. It will pay off.

Make it mobile friendly

If you don’t already have a responsive web design, get Website Design Hut on it right now. Why? Because more people are now using cell phones and tablets to access the internet that traditional computers and if they find that they can’t read your website thoroughly or they struggle to make a purchase when they’re using a mobile device, then they probably won’t bother at all. Not only that but search engine rankings now take into account mobile optimization too, so you could find yourself falling down Google if you don’t make this relatively simple change.

Improve your landing page

Your landing page is what makes your company’s first impression online, so you need to make it look as amazing as possible with a bit of clever web design. You also need to ensure that it engages the visitor. A good way of doing this in 2018 is by creating a welcome video – landing page videos can increase conversions by more than 85 percent, so they are worth the money. Also, add a quick call to action on there in whatever form you think is most suitable.

Implement the above, and your traffic, as well as your conversions, will soar.

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