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Counselling: Help employees achieve great work life balance


A healthy work life balance is essential for looking after the wellbeing of staff, as too much of either one can have a negative impact.

If staff focus too much on their personal lives, their professional skills are not developed, and productivity can be hindered, whereas too much work can lead to unhealthy amounts of stress.

The key to a good work life balance is keeping professional and personal lives sustainable and our minds and bodies healthy.

Here is why providing counselling is one of the most effective ways to encourage a healthy work and personal life balance in employees.

Improved time-management

The key to keeping up a healthy balance between work and personal life, is tracking time.

Setting goals and determining priorities in work will help employees to remain satisfied in their role, but if individuals begin taking unnecessary time away from home, this can be an issue.

If something is upsetting this balance, it can be hard for employees to concentrate or perform to their full potential, so getting to the root of the problem quickly is key.

Doing this alone can be extremely difficult, therefore, professional counsellors offer 3rd party confidential advice to help an employee who may be struggling to get their life under control.

Face-to-face counselling is one of the most effective ways of quickly helping an individual back on their feet, as this allows an expert to pick up on body language and small details during conversation.


In many cases where an employee is struggling with a mental health issue, or something else which is impacting their ability to balance work and their personal life, they may feel unable to discuss it openly. This is extremely common for men.

Whether this is due to embarrassment or another fear, the individual may be less reluctant to discuss their problems with a professional, this is where it can help to offer support through a counsellor, who will keep their conversation confidential.

Structured phone counselling or online counselling can further this sense of security as it removes the need to talk in person.

Group counselling

If an incident occurs which impacts multiple employees’ lives at once, for example, an armed robbery or the death of an employee, this can upset the work life balance of the whole company.

One of the most effective, supportive ways of dealing with this type of situation is to implement group therapy sessions, which will allow employees to work through the aftermath in a productive way.

An added benefit of this is that employees will be able to support and console each other where necessary, removing the risk of any individuals feeling alone or unable to talk.

Hopefully, reading through this guidance has shown that counselling is a valuable tool to help balance work and personal life.

One point to remember is that the counsellors you choose should be insured, qualified and engaged in your employees’ personal development, so bear this in mind when researching options.

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