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Tips for starting your own courier business


If you have ever wanted to be your own boss, have more control over the hours and days that you work, or be more independent financially then operating your own courier business might be the perfect option for you. There are a lot of business opportunities for couriers in the UK – whether you are new to the delivery industry or have been working for someone else doing deliveries. It can be a bit daunting to take the plunge and branch off on your own but the rewards can certainly be worth it for a successful courier. To help you on your path to success we have compiled a few tips to boost you on your way.

Choosing the right vehicle

Your courier business relies on a decent vehicle that you know is going to get you from A-Z with plenty of space on board for all of those deliveries. Cargo vans are a common choice due to the amount of cargo they are able to carry. Search the net for reviews to help you find the best one for your situation and budget and take a few test drives. Taking your time to choose as a good vehicle as possible is totally worth it because it is going to be a major factor in your courier success. Depending on your budget leasing a van can be a money saving option, as is a decent second-hand cargo van.

A solid business plan

There is so much more to setting up a courier business that just buying a good van and hoping for the best. Spend some time figuring out what kind of courier work you want to do and how it is going to make you money. You need to work out where and how you are going to get your business — starting with quote comparison sites may be a good way for you to build up a client base and get your name out there. Picking a name for your business can be a complicated process in itself, but it is also fun. The name is going to be a representation of you, your business and its mission so it needs to be good. Also, make sure that someone else isn’t already using it for another business or if it is in use as a website address. An internet search will help you work out if the name is available for you or not. Of course, make sure to cover off all the legal requirements such as insurance.

Marketing your business and its service

Once your vehicle, business name and all of the equipment you need is sorted then the next step is to start building up your customer base and getting some work. Word of mouth is a good first step so make sure all of your family and friends know about your new service and are passing your name around. Social media can be useful for this so set up a business page on the major platforms, and you will definitely benefit from having a dedicated website for your company. Slightly harder will be marketing directly to businesses who use courier companies. This will involve picking up the phone for some cold calling which some people may not enjoy. Just remember why you are doing this – for you and your family, all profits are going to you and not someone else, to help you sell your services. Advertising and marketing online offer a wide range of options from sites like Gumtree to using Adwords to raise awareness of your business.

Starting a brand new courier company on your own can be daunting, like setting up any new business, but there is a huge market in the UK for independent couriers and the rewards can be fantastic. It will be hard work but always keep those rewards in mind — financial, time, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are building a business for you and your family.

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