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Internet marketing is a rapidly evolving sphere but if you were to check out most business’s efforts, you’d realize quickly that many of them are struggling to keep up. Marketing in 2018 is massively different from 2017 and a lot of businesses remain stuck somewhere even further behind that.

The difficulty is sorting wheat from the chaff. When there’s so much going on, where do you focus your efforts and what do you let go?

The basics don’t change

The fundamentals of marketing never change. You see there’s no substitute for:

  • Knowing your customer. Market research matters. If you can’t explain what your customer cares about, how are you going to supply it? Every business person should be able to explain what the rough demographics of their customers are and why that matters to the business they conduct.
  • Knowing your competitors. If you know what’s working and what’s not working for the competition – you can make your offering stand out. You can assure customers that you’re experts in the field and continue to create opportunities and innovate. When you’re operating blind, you’re easy to overtake.
  • Knowing your products (or services). This might sound bizarre but there are even businesses out the that haven’t got a handle on what they do. It’s important before you start marketing that this is very clear in your minds.

The cutting edge

Internet marketing is where it’s at. Smart marketers can refine their online blend to tailor to their demographics over and over again. They can be everywhere their audience is at and at the right time.

Automation is what’s driving this. There was a time when you’d have to make all the decisions and hope for the best. You’d then go back to the drawing board and guess at what worked and what didn’t. You don’t have to anymore.

Think the humble newsletter

Nearly every business sends out some form of newsletter, it’s marketing 101. A chance to engage with your clients and prospective customers without huge financial outlay and to keep them informed of developments in your business or your offering.

The trouble with this is that it doesn’t go far enough. Your newsletter can be constantly tested through automated A/B testing, heat mapping, etc. it can evolve on the fly and build real connections with customers by giving them what they want – rather than what you think they want.

The opportunity

Throughout marketing in 2018, this is the real opportunity. If you know your customers, your competitors and your product – you can use automated systems to fill in the blanks. Marketers can deploy technology which constantly tests and revises their campaigns as they run.

This can be done on your website too. Software can monitor the flow of a customer through your site, provide them with targeted offers as they arrive or leave. It can enable a level of engagement that simply wasn’t feasible until recently.

The best marketing, throughout history, has inspired and thrilled customers rather than marketers. Award ceremonies are full of happy marketers, congratulating themselves, telling the stories they want to hear. Can you think of many award winning campaigns that made an impact on the clients of those marketers? You probably can’t because that kind of marketing rarely has that kind of impact.

The real impact of marketing in 2018 isn’t in big campaigns, clever slogans and billboards and TV. It’s happening online as automated systems learn more and more about your clients, bring big data to decision making and deliver content that connects on an emotional level and drives engagement with your business.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be expensive and because it’s automated – it can be done on a basis that drives return on investment. The best thing about Internet marketing of 2018 is that it pays for itself fast. However, the biggest opportunities in this arena come now before every business begins to utilize these systems.

About Jovana Vujnic

Jovana Vujnic is the Founder of BumperLeads – a marketing automation agency specialising in helping businesses convert strangers and online visitors into leads and customers.

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