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The entrepreneur’s guidebook: Hiring a lawyer for your business


A business needs an accountant as much as it needs a lawyer. As laymen, we are not as knowledgeable and as informed of our legal rights and duties as compared to those who studied for years to understand and apply the complexities of the law.

Two of the most important reasons why a business needs a lawyer is because a lawyer can help in almost all your business dealings and can help safeguard your rights.

Take contracts for example. A majority of businesses, if not all, deal with contracts all the time. These contracts need to be in certain forms and certified in particular cases. A lawyer can help businesses with contract formation and analysis in order to inform the business owner fully of any possible legal repercussions and consequences.

Also, there comes a point in every business when the need for litigation occurs. This may be due to liability, breach of contract or breach of warranty. Whatever the reason, the wisest move to make is to consult a lawyer and seek legal counsel.

So how can we decide on who to hire, where to start and when to do it? This article aims to hopefully guide you through the ins and outs of hiring the right lawyer for your business. Here are some of the considerations you need to weigh in on first before deciding on who to hire.

1) Consider the lawyer’s experience

We all know it: experience is undeniably the best teacher. Hiring a lawyer who has a vast background in law and litigation definitely makes a difference. Just like you and your business, the lawyer’s experience will have probably honed and molded them to become one the best in the field.

This experience gives them the advantage of having encountered the many different questions of law and the skill to deal with them efficiently and effectively. The longer their experience, the wider their perspectives tend to be.

2) Consider the lawyer’s specialty

As we have discussed already, experience is a very important consideration in choosing the lawyer to represent and to serve your business. This experience needs to be coupled with the right expertise or specialization.

As doctors have their own specialties, so do lawyers. There are many different kinds of lawyers: defense counsel, labor lawyers, slip-and-fall attorneys and corporate lawyers, just to name a few. The last one is what you need if you are looking into and considering hiring a lawyer for your business.

3) Make sure you are both on the same page

Another thing that you must consider is compatibility and transparency. Make sure that you are proactive and upfront with your lawyer. Ask firmly and clearly on how the legal billing will be done, at what times there would be an increase or a decrease in the fees, and the like.

Also make sure to be clear in matters of availability as well. Know if most of the time it will be the lawyer themselves, or their staff, who you will be able to contact. Lawyers can be very busy handling and attending to very important matters and sometimes this can be more efficient for all parties.

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