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Mapping out your digital marketing strategy for 2018


2017 has been a year of content marketing, PPC,and SEO. Last year’s digital marketing focused on content and how to get the message through to the customers and target audience. Because business owners now understand that having the right type of strategy will ultimately decide the fate of their company and growth, they have started to bring their attention towards digital marketing. When done correctly, a business’s strategy can lead to higher sales and customers.

However, online advertising and marketing today aren’t what they used to be. Today, Millennials (18-34-year-olds) say that they’re more likely to ignore digital ads and online banners as compared to ads which run on TVs, radios,and newspapers. This is why it is essential that CMOs, marketing strategists, and business owners start worrying about how they’ll fine tune their company’s digital marketing in 2018.

Remember, even if you’ve established your company as a brand that follows the trends and stays up-to-date, you need to push your efforts even further and find out how you can make your business succeed this year.

Give priority to customers

No matter what you do, 2018 needs to be the year when you put your customers first. Though all companies and business owners think that they are doing everything for the client, this might not be true. Your business may have focused on what the customer needs when it first started out, but this attention might have shifted as the company matured. However, this is a big mistake that must be rectified.

According to a survey, 52%consumers say that they’ve switched providers because of poor customer experience. So, if you don’t want to lose your existing customers and attract new ones, you need to make sure that you don’t lose sight of the customers and their needs. Become a reputable source of information and build personalized and timely conversations that make your customers loyal to your brand.

Revamp your website

Your company’s website is your brand’s first impression. It’s the first thing that potential customers are going to want to see when someone recommends your products/services to them. So, what sort of an impression are you leaving? Your goal in 2018 should be to anticipate and answer user questions, emotions,and needs. This is why you must build a website that focuses on what the customer needs and build a relationship,so they keep coming back for more.

Instead of bombarding the visitor with text that he may never read, fix the problem by breaking content up and use bullet points and other graphic elements to give it a more aesthetic feel. Make your text scannable so customers can find information without hassle. If you don’t think something is necessary or adds value to the visitor then just leave it out.

Start getting serious about blogging

Blogging is no longer something that you do just for fun and to kill time. It has now become a valuable asset for driving traffic to your website, and social media platforms,and increasing ranking on search engines. Each post or blog you create makes it more likely for your customers to find you when searching online and this is something that you won’t be able to do with any other tool. One of the best things about blogging is that it gives your brand authority,and according to stats, 91% consumers say that they are more likely to buy from an authentic brand rather than a generic one.

However, you need to remember that your blogging efforts will only be successful if you’re also serious about SEO. With Google updating its algorithm more than 500 times a year, you need to make sure that you update your SEO once a quarter.

Invest in indispensable apps and tools

Technology has made it so much easier for you to understand, learn from and impress customers. Not only are there new blogging tools which you can use to attract potential customers, but also apps which can tell you about the geographical location of the target audience. These ingenious tools will help you pinpoint what it is that your clients need, so they don’t need to search for anything.

This new age technology can also help you in getting ahead of your competitors because if your products or services pop up precisely when the customer needs them, he won’t have to look for it anywhere else. Many tools are now easily accessible to business owners, so make sure that you know which one is best for you and start benefitting from them.

Focus your efforts on social media

Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account? Of course, you don’t! Social media has become the center of our lives. It’s become so integrated into our daily interactions that it’s difficult to imagine a world without it. Social media for small businesses is just as important as it is for an individual. With 67% of consumers using social media for service inquiries, these platforms have now become one of the most significant tools for your digital marketing.

Through social media, you can target your customers according to their preferences and start conversations that make things a little more personal. In fact, if used properly, social media can turn your marketing strategy for 2018 around and make your brand a pioneer in the industry.


When you first start to map out your digital strategy, remember to think like your customer. Keep their likes, dislikes,and preferences in mind,so you know the products and services they’re looking for. Remember that the competition is vicious and harsh in the outside world, so you need to give it all you have if you want to survive. This is the only way you’ll be able to catch up and make a strategy that truly resonates with your customers.

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