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You don’t need a business coach. You need to JUST DO IT


Every time I open up Facebook, especially business pages focused on women, there are at least five women asking about hiring a business coach.

Fast forward two years and these same women will most likely post in the same groups, complaining about the thousands of dollars they’ve invested into a business coach, only to find it made no difference.

In fact, they’ll be worse off financially, and no better advised on their business path.

This doesn’t surprise me. Why? Because you DON’T need a business coach. You need a plan, some confidence – which will build over time, experts in key areas (sometimes), and a damn good accountant.

Coaches are a dime a dozen. About 99% of the ‘business coaches’ I have met don’t have a successful career or business under their belt – which I personally believe is a basic requirement if you are going to take someone else’s money to help grow theirs. Too often coaches are in the ‘if you can’t do… teach’ category.

The majority of women starting out in business are insecure – without needing to be – and therefore are the perfect prey for the classic business coach. They put trust in a stranger to make them feel good about what they should be doing in their business; instead of investing their (limited) start-up funds on hitting the ground running and building a business.

There is very little a ‘business coach’ can tell you that you can’t find online. Just take the time to look up relevant articles, and read books if necessary.

When it comes down to it, nothing – and I mean NOTHING – will beat setting a plan, picking up the phone, sending out emails, networking like a beast and investing your time and money into building and growing your business.

Instead of paying for a ‘business coach’, invest in one-hour sessions with key experts in particular industries or fields and ask them all the questions you need answered. You don’t need to pay someone a monthly fee to encourage you or ask you questions you already know the answer to. Encourage YOURSELF. It’s cheaper. And you will get more focused encouragement.

When it comes to the crunch – especially if you are really strapped for cash – the only advice you really need when starting out is financial. This is where your accountant can help. You need someone who can help you with your value, pricing, cost of sales and forecasting. Otherwise you may find yourself investing in your business with no return.

Yes, it takes a few years to make a good profit in your business, but you shouldn’t be running a business in deficit, or just breaking even for more than three years. If you are, something is seriously wrong with your model.

So stop asking for a coach and start believing in your ability to do what you do best.  Get a good accountant and just GET STARTED.

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