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3 easy ways to make your office great


Working in an office sounds easy to all who have never done it. But it can be hard, tiring and grueling. Spending all day sat behind a desk isn’t easy. You need to try and keep motivated whilst also keeping an eye on your employees which can very quickly become draining in the extreme. To get the best out of everyone you need to be sure you give them what they deserve. Here are certain things that can make the job in the office an easier one not just for yourself, but for your employees. Doing this will increase their productivity and keep them working at the levels you require and pay for.

Get the chairs right

Don’t use cheap chairs. They will contribute to employee back and shoulder problems and can even lead them to go on the sick for an amount of time. Also, if an employee isn’t comfortable then they won’t be working as hard as they should. It isn’t nice having to work in a bad chair, you can find some at Officechairs Only. Pick out ones you know they will be comfortable in. Test them out and even bring one or two of your employees with you to check them out. The more you do for them the more they will do for you in return. If they feel comfortable in their job then first, they won’t have an excuse to slack but they will also think better of you.

Use a good break room

Break rooms are important because they give your employees a place to rest up during the day. They can be the difference between your employees recharging and feeling ready to come back to work or them feeling like they haven’t really had a break in which case their productivity drops off quite significantly. First, you need to make the room look different to the rest of the office. This way they can take themselves out of the office environment. In the break room you should consider providing items for cooking and storage of food like a fridge, microwave and oven and even things for fun like a pool table. Using these means they can really get a break and not just feel like they’re eating some food at their desk.

Reward good work

To really keep the moral up you should try to reward good service. It means you are giving your workers an incentive. The work may be dull or dreary, but you can really make it more alluring by offering a reward of some kind. You can use a bonus scheme, or a scheme where people can make more holiday days. Or, it could simply be some sort of recognition like employee of the month. If there is a tangible reward you will see their productivity soar. Sure, it may cost you money and increase your overheads, but you can recoup that in the added workload your guys end up putting out. You need to avoid making them unattainable. If they are, it will annoy your guys for setting hard to hit objectives.

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