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Workplace accidents can be prevented: 4 key strategies


Personal injuries at work are a serious issue that can lead to life changing injuries. In fact, it was announced that there was a 2% increase in workplace fatalities last year, with 5,250 people losing their lives in the workplace. Workplace accidents have shown a general rise in the last decade.

4 key strategies to prevent workplace accidents

Businesses needs to do more to reduce the number of workplace accidents and personal injury incidents in their workplaces. It’s clear that progress has been made, but more still needs to be done. This article examines how to get better at preventing workplace accidents.

Enhanced Health and Safety Packages

There has been strong evidence to show that businesses are getting tougher on health and safety in the workplace. Enhanced health and safety packages are helping to reduce the number of slip and fall workplace accidents. Better lighting in outdoor areas, non-slip surfaces, and extra signage are all methods in which employers are using to reduce the risk of these kinds of workplace accidents.

Better Work Processes for Manual Labor

It should come as no surprise that jobs involving manual labor are more likely to lead to serious workplace accidents. A lack of strict enforcement of the rules is often to blame for this. Failing to store dangerous equipment correctly, mislabeling of dangerous products, and improper operation of heavy machinery are just some of the reasons why.

Businesses are working to better enforce their health and safety policies through regular inspections and the production of employee handbooks.

Combatting Repetitive Motion Injuries

An increasing number of older workers are looking at utilizing a Chattanooga personal injury lawyer in order to claim compensation for repetitive motion workplace accidents and injuries. Studies are increasingly showing the dangers of repetitive motion injuries, with three in five Swedish office workers displaying symptoms. It’s clear that repetitive motion injuries are becoming a hot point in liability cases.

Business owners can prevent repetitive motion injuries by ensuring that office workers are taught about correct posture and given ergonomic workspaces. This can be combined with regular breaks.

How Employers are Managing Motor Vehicle Accidents

Employers can also be held liable for injuries that occur outside of the workplace. If an employee is injured while doing company business in a road traffic accident, the company can be held liable as in some states the incidents will be considered workplace accidents.

Companies are doing what they can to reduce the risk of road traffic accidents occurring. Purchasing better quality vehicles and having them serviced annually helps businesses to catch problems before they become a hazard for their employees.

Motor vehicle accidents can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlement and medical costs for businesses. Following these simple steps can help lower the number of personal injuries in the workplace and ensure that the business isn’t held liable for negligence if an accident does occur.


Although accidents can and do happen, it’s important that business owners take their responsibilities seriously by doing what they can to minimize risk. By taking health and safety seriously, the risks of a personal injury from workplace accidents can be minimized.

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