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Why efficiency remains the key to business success


It doesn’t matter whether you have recently launched a startup or whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, it is vital that your venture is efficient. You could be working from home making bespoke greetings cards, launching an IT solutions company or heading up an eatery. It doesn’t matter what sector your business is in, you need to be as fast as possible and as cost-effective as possible without surrendering the quality of your product or service.

What efficiency doesn’t equate to is cutting corners. Just because you need to save money doesn’t mean you should cut your staff numbers if this means that your business cannot function at the level it needs to. Efficiency is all about helping your startup to run smoothly and be as productive as possible. You need to find your optimum balance. Take a look at how you can aid in the efficiency of your business venture.

Banish the dreaded interruptions

There’s nothing worse than trying to create a slide deck for that all-important presentation you have tomorrow or trying to finalize the agenda for the meeting you have with board members next week, and constantly being interrupted by employees who keep finding their laptops have crashed or that the printer ink has run out. The problem here is two-fold. Firstly, you haven’t empowered your staff team enough to solve these tedious problems themselves and secondly, they are seeing you, the owner of the business, as the go-to person to help resolve minutiae issues.

The hierarchy of your business should make very clear the people that are responsible for IT issues or problem-solving. You also need to facilitate a forum in which minor issues can be aired. Every day, it pays to take ten minutes out of the morning to have a whole team briefing. This way, opinions, views, grievances and issues can be spoken about in a set timeframe rather than being dotted about throughout the day. Meetings themselves, while seemingly banal much of the time, are needed. However, go for quality over quantity and try to schedule them on set days rather than randomly throughout the week. Breaking a rhythm when you are working just to head for a meeting on some inane topic will frustrate you and your team.

Utilize software

If your business relies on clients being able to access your services speedily and efficiently, why not look into a powerful booking engine tool such as to help automate your systems and leave your staff free to complete other tasks. Being readily available direct to your customer base to utilize means you are actually making their lives more efficient. Instead of having to pick up the phone or drop you an email, they can simply head online at any point during the day to book an appointment using the software you have initiated. All you need to do is ensure you check the system once in a while to keep up to date with your scheduling.


Although a dirty word for many a startup, outsourcing isn’t something that should be discounted immediately. While you don’t want to relinquish every function to a third party, some simply don’t need to be completed in-house. If you don’t have the financial expertize or IT programming prowess within your company, think about outsourcing your payroll, accounting and SEO capabilities. This way, your staff team are more free to work to their own strengths and not have to deviate into a realm they know nothing or very little about.

Face to face is best

If you are busy squirreling away on your laptop trying to source some much-needed information on the Internet or you’re trying to watch a tutorial video online, you don’t want numerous chat messages or email notifications popping up to interrupt your work. While it may only be a quick query, it’s much better to encourage a face to face approach to problem-solving. Put aside fifteen minutes each day where you have an open door policy with your staff. This way, you can block together their concerns, they know when you’re available, and you can continue your work with minimal interruptions.

While face to face meetings are good in some scenarios, those water cooler moments are often not. The marketing director getting up to make a cup of tea while halfway through compiling the online marketing strategy for the next twelve months only to be interrupted by someone who ‘just needs a moment’ isn’t going to be a moment at all. It will inevitably end up being half an hour meaning that time is lost and productivity isn’t at its optimum. Scheduling a meeting, no matter how short, is a more efficient use of time.

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Master the art of multitasking or don’t do it at all

Multitasking is an artform as explored at Some people are highly adept at being able to construct a presentation, analyze data, take a few phone calls, organize a meeting and still contribute to a business vision all at the same time. They see each task through from start to finish in the most efficient way possible and without forfeiting quality. Some people are seemingly born with the skill of multitasking.

Others attempt to achieve their multitasking goals but fail miserably. They start each task, yet cannot remain productive and each task languishes remaining unfinished and lacking quality. Instead, these employees are better off taking on a single task and doing it well. Allow them to take on a single duty and see it through to the end. They can still be productive, still produce exceptional work and still be valuable assets to your team. Not everyone can multitask, but everyone can be efficient.

Efficiency is key to the success of any business. Without an efficient method of working, you risk losing money, wasting time and being unable to compete with your industry rivals. Heed this advice and improve the efficiency of your business today.

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