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Empowerment: the rocket fuel of female entrepreneurs


As an entrepreneur, it’s very possible that you fall into the psychological category of being an overachiever – this group of people tend to be highly effective and successful individuals that achieve a lot due to having very high standards for themselves and dreaming big.

In this sense, being an overachiever can be a positive thing, yet it can also hold people back emotionally, as sometimes people feel they “need” to achieve in order to feel worthwhile – they use their entrepreneurial achievement and success to fill an emotional void, or perhaps mask over an unresolved issue within themselves… hoping “success” will be the cureall.

Unfortunately, however, people tend to find that once they have achieved the “high” of achieving something they are not satiated for very long… indeed, they tend to move the goal posts to something greater and more impressive – searching for the ever elusive state of self-esteem that comes from achieving their goal.

In many ways, this cycle can produce very profitable entrepreneurs, yet, it can unfortunately result in a lot of frustration, emotional exhaustion and misery  – as people tend to be motivated by a “feeling” rather than a “thing”… whether this is as a personal goal, or even a business purchase.

For instance with the whispir service, the feeling a person might buy into is the feeling of calm rather than chaos when it comes to their communication management; or when someone buys a car, they are not merely purchasing a vehicle to get them from A to B they are buying into the feeling that particular car creates.

The point being that we are emotional creatures and almost everything we do is motivated by emotion – from cleaning our teeth in the morning to achieving huge business goals.  Yet, we often find ourselves stuck in a place where we look to the outside, meaning an external solution, to fill an internal void within us.

Of course, most people could spend years in therapy trying to work out why they feel the way they do, but as entrepreneurs we are solution oriented, meaning, we often like to solve our own problems – and therefore, rather than head down that path, we look to ways to make our life better… hence, we become overachievers.

If you can relate to being an an overachiever, it’s important to realise there’s nothing wrong with being motivated to succeed and achieve, indeed this can be a source of empowerment for many people.

Empowerment comes in different forms, for some, they are empowered by the “inspiration of desperation” meaning, they have experienced so much pain as a result of a situation (such as growing up in poverty) that they use this to empower and propel them forward.  For other people, empowerment comes in the form of wanting to give their family a better life, or simply having a fantastic coach that brings out the best in them.

Empowerment is like the jet fuel within a jet; without it, you’re not going to get very far.  You can build an amazing jet, but without fuel, it’s never going to take off the runway.

So, wherever you find your empowerment – this should be a core focus within your business, as there’s nothing more integral to your business success than you.  There’s nothing more powerful or worthwhile to invest in, than yourself, and in that vein – you want to start taking this notion of empowerment a lot more seriously in the New Year.


Whether this is listening to inspiring audiobooks, TED Talks, motivational speakers, watching inspiring films or listening to motivating music – there’s a need for empowerment, as it is like watering a plant to help it grow.

We live in a pretty negative world, where most of us are conditioned that we “can’t” rather than  encouraged to believe that we can – and one of the greatest challenges as an entrepreneur is to recondition your mindset to believe that “it’s possible”.

Society is plagued with a feeling of not being “good enough” – and as humans we are fundamentally insecure.  This insecurity can push us to achieve and conquer incredible mountains, yet, there’s a healthy range when it comes to the inherent insecurity of being human; and sometimes people have a fundamental lack in the area of self esteem and not feeling good enough.

The challenge, with not feeling “good enough” deep down, is that if people are lacking in this area of self-esteem, self-worth and self-love it means whatever they achieve in the external world is unlikely to fulfil them and provide the internal sense of emotional security they crave.

Empowerment, therefore, is the rocket fuel to the spaceship that is your business.

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