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Entertaining things to do while on business convention in Nashville


As a woman visiting Nashville for a business convention or other business-related purposes, you may have an initial plan of just flying in and out as fast as you can.

You could certainly do that if you want to, but considering the fact that Nashville is a very lively city with a lot to do, do you really want to leave without doing anything fun at all?

The city has a thriving nightlife, in addition to a myriad of other activities such as tours, theaters, museums, and so on. Regardless of whether you’ll be by yourself or with friends, there will be ample opportunities to forge new memories.

Here are entertaining things you can do on business convention in Nashville:

Go hiking

Tennessee, in general, is an excellent state for hiking, having plenty of lush forests, woodlands, open plains, and rivers and lakes just for that. Now while you obviously won’t be able to go hiking in the city of Nashville itself, there is no shortage of areas outside of the city, such as Percy Warner Park and Beaman Park. 

Needless to say, if you enjoy hiking out in the woods, you’ll be able to do it on your business trip to Nashville. It’s hard to think that you can find yourself in the middle of nature where it’s totally peaceful and tranquil only a few miles outside of a bustling city, but you sure can.  

Visit the parthenon

Yes, you read that right. The Parthenon in Nashville may not be the same as the one in Greece, but it’s virtually an exact replica. The reason for this is because Nashville has been commonly referred to as the ‘Athens of the South’ due to the numerous universities and colleges that are present in the town. Thus, the Parthenon replica was built in 1897 as homage to Athens.

In addition to touring the Parthenon replica itself, you’ll also get to see numerous museums and art galleries in the area, and you can also check out the Alan LeQuire sculptor gallery too. Another attraction in the area is LeQuire’s statue of the Greek goddess Athena, which is forty two feet in height and currently the tallest indoor sculpture in the Western world.

Check out broadway

Another fun activity to do in Nashville will be to visit downtown Nashville and specifically Broadway. This is the main road in downtown Nashville and has a myriad of different live acts, bars, live music acts (many of which are free), and other establishments.

If you have any friends with you to your business convention (or if you make any friends for that matter) this can be a great place to spend the night and have fun as a girl’s night out. You’ll never truly experience Nashville’s distinct nightlife scene until you’ve gone down Broadway street.

Go to the listening rooms

In Nashville, the ‘Listening Rooms’ are low key establishments where up-and-coming singer-songwriters will play their own music live, usually acoustically.

You see, Nashville may be the Music City, but it’s more about amateur or novice singers who actually write their own songs over the existing music stars who tour the world. Watching these singers actually perform their own music firsthand will be an incredible experience, and who knows, you may end up watching somebody perform who in a few months or a few years will become the next big thing.

Have fun at the gaylord opryland resort

If you want to just relax while you’re in Nashville, the best place to do it at will be the Gaylord Opryland Resort. This is a premium resort on a sprawling piece of beautiful property and with over three thousand guestrooms, it is one of the top thirty biggest hotels in the entire world. Simply saying that you stayed here will be something to brag about.

The hotel is truly beautiful and a great place to spend a day and just enjoy life. The interior and exterior of the hotel is covered with lush green vegetation, and there are numerous restaurants, bars, atriums, and events to enjoy while you are there.

Having fun in Nashville

Even if you go to Nashville for a business convention that you’re not looking forward to, you’ll be comforted in knowing that you can still have a very fun time when you visit the music city.

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