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Using envelopes to take advantage over competitors


The final touch to your marketing material is the envelope it arrives in yet for many businesses this is often one of the last things they think about. How do you use envelopes to their best advantage in your business? Try out a different shape like square envelopes. Making your marketing collateral stand out from your competitors is tough and doubly so if you’ve got competitors around you all sending out information to potential customers. Choosing an unusual shape, like a square, is a great way to keep costs down and still stand out.

Choose an interesting colour and finish

Consider how your envelope will feel when you customer picks it up and how it will look when it arrive with other, often brightly printed mail. You want your information to stand out. Your envelopes are an extension of your business’s personality and, if you’re doing everything yourself, then it will be an extension of your personality as well. You want the colour to match with your other marketing material as well so that your customers will recognise your envelopes when they arrive.

Think about printing logos

Getting your logo printed onto the envelope is a great idea to ensure that your customers know that the post that has arrived on their doorstep is yours. It’s often more cost effective to get them printed by your supplier than trying to do it yourself and it will certainly save you time when it comes to sending out your marketing material.

Choose a quality envelope

Make sure you purchase your envelopes from a trusted supplier as a poor quality envelope will give off the wrong impression of your business. If you’re taking bookings from people, then you want them to be sure that your business is going to be around when it comes to their appointment. You’ll also want to be certain that the envelope is strong enough to keep its contents secure and that the method of sealing the envelope is effective and efficient.

Get samples to check what you need

To be certain about what you’re ordering it’s always a good idea to order some samples in the beginning. Make sure that you’re happy with the weight of the envelope and the colour. If you’ve gone with a slightly unusual shape, then you’ll want to be sure that your marketing information will fit into the envelope. Once you’re certain that you’ve got an envelope that represents the personality of your business you’ll be happy to send it out to those all-important customers.

Save money and buy in bulk

We all know that buying in bulk often saves money, but make sure that you’re not over purchasing too. You don’t want to have thousands of festive envelopes lying around if you do a onetime Christmas promotion. Have a good think about how many envelopes you need and get the right amount.

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