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Tips for women on how to break through the glass ceiling at work


In this day and age, it is hard to believe that women still aren’t being treated fairly at work. As it turns out, however, women in today’s workplaces have a much harder time getting ahead than men. The section below outlines some of Katie Burke’s best tips for how women can break through the glass ceiling at work:

1. Be willing to take risks

Women are more likely to hold back or to hesitate when they have a good idea or when they want to launch a new venture. Unfortunately, this can keep them from reaching their full potential. Women who succeed are generally more open to the idea of taking risks. Try to avoid waiting until the perfect moment to act. Instead, jump right in and get started, allowing the pieces to naturally fall into place.

2. Don’t be afraid to fail

Many women are held back by perfectionism or a fear of failing. It is important to remember, however, that failure is a natural part of growth. Everyone who is currently successful has failed at one point or another during their life. The key is to not allow your failures to throw you off track.

3. Acknowledge the abundance around you

There is a common misconception that success is a limited commodity and that there is only so much to go around. In fact, however, the potential for success is unlimited. It is not a resource that can be used up. Moving forward in your own career won’t keep someone else from moving forward in theirs.

4. Identify any gender biases that you or your coworkers may have

Oftentimes, these biases are completely unconscious and people aren’t aware that they have them. Gather everyone in the workplace together to talk about how these hidden biases could be affecting employees. For instance, read the descriptions of jobs at your place of business to see if the wording could be subtly promoting gender bias.

5. Set huge goals

Women have a tendency to think more realistically when it comes to setting goals. Instead of reaching for the stars, they tend to think smaller, trying not to set their hopes too high. You will go a lot further at work if you allow yourself to dream bigger. What is the highest position you could achieve? What do you want to accomplish with your career? Once you set your goals, work hard to achieve them.

6. Ask for and accept constructive criticism

Everyone has areas where they could improve at work. Ask the people that you work with to provide you with feedback on what you could be doing better. Don’t take any criticism personally. Instead, use it as a tool for growth, allowing you to perform better in your job and advance further in your career.

7. Network with others

Most women not only have responsibilities at work but they also have responsibilities at home. As a result, they may avoid networking with others in the evenings or on weekends. Try to find a way to attend more networking events that occur outside of regular business hours.

8. Be proud of your accomplishments

Women often have a tendency to be modest, making light of the things that they have accomplished. When you do something great, however, don’t be afraid to draw attention to it. Create a portfolio and a CV that showcases your best work. A professional person in the careers area can help you – it’s worthwhile using a professional CV writer if you want to showcase what you’ve done to the fullest. Alternatively, write a blog where you can talk about your accomplishments or add the information to your profile on LinkedIn.

9. Build your confidence

Employers tend to promote workers who are confident. If your confidence is lacking, find ways to boost it. You should also work on developing a positive attitude so that any setbacks don’t wind up bringing you down.

10. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to be perfect

Perfectionism doesn’t help you get ahead. Instead, it holds you back. Understand that things will never be totally perfect and that you will make mistakes along the way. Prioritize the things that are the most important to you in both your personal and professional life. Then, do your best to build the life that you want.

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