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3 Ways to establish your ecommerce business


There are many ways you can start a business, ranging from the traditional bricks-and-mortar right up to virtual offerings. In the middle you will find businesses that offer goods and services online with or without the physical story, using ecommerce tools and strategies. To do that, you need to know how to properly establish your ecommerce business.

Building an eCommerce business website is an excellent option for modern entrepreneurs who want to get their first taste of running a commercial enterprise. To combat this, here are a few of the best ways to improve visitor numbers, enhance conversions, increase brand recognition and start the ball rolling on your ecommerce business.

Boost trust

New ecommerce sites face a steep challenge when it comes to convincing prospective customers that they are trustworthy, legitimate and not out to steal their data or do anything else nefarious. That’s where adding trust seals to your site can be a big help, letting you associate your site with respected, reputable third party organisations and indicate to visitors that they are in safe hands.

This article from Inflow explains how trust seals work in detail, but in short it is best to include seals from mainstream cyber security providers like McAfee and Norton. Sites which demonstrate that they have been approved as well-protected and trustworthy by independent adjudicators have the best chance of converting more casual browsers into paying customers.

Embrace SEO

Optimising an ecommerce site so that it races to the top of Google’s results pages is not always straightforward, but it should be your aim to raise the visibility of your brand on search engines through various strategies.

Mobile optimisation is especially relevant, since shoppers spent over $90 billion from their smartphones last year and this market is only going to increase in size. Google and its counterparts recognise this, which is why sites that are not mobile friendly will be penalised. Even using pop-ups which get in the way of mobile displays has negative consequences on search rank.

Harness social media

Modern shoppers spend more time on social media than almost any other online services today; so much so that tools to put a cap on use are being introduced. Because of this, a budding ecommerce business needs to target these services as soon as possible, and this can be helped with a tool to schedule Instagram posts.

Most importantly you need to make sure that your social media presence is pitched at the people you want to win over to your brand and to convince to buy with your site. Instagram is one of the better marketing platforms in this respect, particularly for business use, since it has a vast and growing audience, as well as providing retailers with a range of tools to present and promote their products in an impactful, engaging way.

Integrated ad capabilities along with click-to-buy potential make social media an obvious choice for an up and coming ecommerce site. The only issue is that to stand out from the crowd, you will need to manage your content strategy effectively and ensure that you are not following the herd, but leading the pack.

Working with experts and agencies can help if your social media game is not up to scratch. Getting enamoured with the idea of chasing influencers is not necessarily the best option for newcomers.

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