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Does facebook advertising work or is it just hype?


Want to know whether to do Facebook advertising for your business? The answer is, likely, yes. Facebook Ads works. You can leverage the power of Facebook’s insight into the population to target your audience, as well as utilize a bounty of analytical tools that let you see, in real time if your advertisement is working.

Facebook advertising has a long list of feature success stories that can viewed via Facebook right here. With this list, you can sort by industry and product and find a detailed account of how Facebook ads have increased traffic to each of these businesses. NoDepositRewards uses Facebook prolifically for advertising to great effect. They get their daily no deposit bonuses from regulated online casinos viewed so their customers can take advantage of time sensitive offers. Mason Jones from NoDepositRewards has this advice, “Using Facebook advertising and being successful with Facebook advertising are two very different things. Make sure you hire or outsource this marketing channel to experts else you will not get the results and it will become a pit of unrealized potential.”

Facebook provides all the tools necessary to increase the traffic to your business – but it’s up to you to utilize these tools to the best your ability to make them work for you. With 2 billion users it’s easy to see why Facebook has become the popular choice for promotion of businesses around the world.

Targeted marketing

Facebook advertising allows you to reach your specific market, and when I say specific, this also includes purchasing behaviour. Refining your target audience is simple and when placing an ad, you can specify location, demographics (and that includes age, gender, relationship status, education, workplace, and job titles) and more. You can also target your ad at people’s interests on Facebook. Talk about refining your audience!

Goal setting

Next, Facebook will ask you to set a specific goal such as brand awareness, reach, or sales for your advertisement. According to Facebook, ads with specified goals perform better. Facebook goals can be refined, but will usually fall under the category of the big three, which are awareness, engagement and conversation.

Budgeting options

Facebook also gives you the freedom to set your budget and caters to all price ranges. You can explicitly set control of pay for an ad that has a designated reach and frequency. This is a more predictable and controlled way to advertise, because you know exactly what you’re getting at a locked in price.

Then there is the TRP (or target rated points) option, which is based on the Neilson On Target Delivery System that has been used on traditional media such as television and radio. TRP advertisements are billed on the amount of impressions the advertisement has made, which means the further the reach the bigger the bill.

Ad formatting

Facebook has numerous formatting options for your advertisement which gives you even more flexibility to target your audience. There are many options such as video, carousel, collection, slideshow and single image.

Carousel advertisements allow you to showcase up to ten images or videos in a single ad, each one with their own separate link to your product or service. Carousel ads give more room to tell your story and showcase your business, as well as being interactive. A collection ad works in a similar way to carousel ads, where your collection or catalogue is showcased on a single ad and the viewer can browse through collection without having to leave the application. Slideshow ads are a cost-effective way of creating advertisements with multiple images and multimedia in a single ad space. Facebook provides the necessary framework and all you have to do is upload the media, making it a simple way to create multimedia advertisements. Then there are single image advertisements, which are pretty self-explanatory. They contain a single image, much like an ad in a magazine.

Ad placement

Facebook allows you to run your advertisement across four platforms – Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Audience Network – at a few clicks of a button. Inbuilt cross platform advertising allows you to reach more people across a range of different devices and there is no resizing or reformatting required.

Ad management

Once your ad has been placed, Facebook also provides you with the tools to manage and check the performance of your ad in the form of Ad Manager. Ad Manager is an all in one tool for creating, managing, and tracking the performance of your advertisements, in one comprehensive ad campaign command center.

From here, you can create your ad campaign and monitor how the campaign is performing. You can also make adjustments to your budget and target audience, as well as view real time reporting statistics. This allows you to adjust your ad campaign according to its performance across platforms – plus according to demographics and even to design. It definitely makes your life easier!

According to Facebook, 1 in every 5 minutes that people in the US spend on their phones or tablets is spent on Facebook or Instagram and more than 500 million Instragrammers use the app on a daily basis.

These statistics make advertising on Facebook a great option to reach the widest audience and their easy ad creation and management only sweetens the appeal. The multiple placement options also give you the flexibility and freedom to place ads on multiple apps from the one tool, Facebook’s Ad Manager. Facebook ads are not just hype, they work, and with 7.8 billion connections daily, it simply makes financial sense.

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