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Moving to the USA: 5 important factors in relocating abroad for your career


Our guide outlines the 5 crucial factors you need to consider if you are moving to the USA to further your career prospects.

The United States of America is considered the land where dreams come true. It is a country that offers endless possibilities and for those of you who want to move there to work, there are many job opportunities available. This western country has an enormous appeal for many people from all corners of the world. For those who are willing to work hard in hierarchical organizations, the USA is the country where both money and challenges go beyond most things. 

Regardless of which state you’re planning to head to in moving to the USA, you will need to have prepared important documents required by the US immigration offices. This does not just include your passport and your visa documents but also a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, and other legal documents. Be aware that you must get your documents ready for USCIS translation and have them certified by a professional translator to move ahead with the process.

Moving to the USA: 5 important factors

Make sure you check out this guide that can be of great help if you are looking to move and advance in your career across the pond.

Prepare Your Resume

Writing a good and interesting resume is one of the most important points when applying for a job in the US. When looking for a job there, the recruiter also wants you to write in good English. It is important that the language is professional and adapted to the company you want to work for.

Unlike European resumes, an American resume should be simple, neat and impressive, and not overburdened by unnecessary personal information.

US recruiters usually do not like a sloppy resume without a clear structure and unexplained time gaps. A basic resume where the recruiters understand that you are sending the same application to several different companies is also something that is badly received. Make sure the design is professional, clear, and targeted for the job you apply for.

Look for a Recruiter

Finding a job in the United States is hardly a do-it-yourself affair. Get help from people who have the knowledge, networks, and tools to find the right job position for you. Look up some recruitment companies as they can help you if you have decided to apply directly to a company in moving to the USA. 

The biggest benefit of hiring recruitment companies is, of course, that they have a network of companies looking for quality employees. Also, they know the culture and how you can maximize your chances of getting the right job. Another advantage of hiring a recruitment company is that they know what is required in the form of a permit. The company that will hire you is responsible for most of it, but by going to a recruitment company, you make sure that nothing is overlooked.

The competition for jobs is tougher in the US, as it is considered one of the most popular work destinations in the world so it is also important to make the process as simple as possible.

Apply for your visa

When you have come so far that you have decided on moving to the USA, there is suddenly a lot to think about, both small details and bigger things. It is not difficult to arrange a move abroad, but in order not to forget something important, it is wise to have the complete documentation ready. If you want to work in the United States, you need a special visa under US immigration law that is based on the type of work you will perform. 

There are four types of work visas in the US and all applicants must have a USCIS approved petition. The petition, the I-129 form, must be approved before you can apply for a work visa at the US Embassy. Once your petition is approved, your employer will receive a notice, an I-797 form, which serves as a notice of your petition approval. 

You must bring your I-129 petition receipt number to your interview at the US Embassy to verify your petition approval. Know that the approval of a petition does not guarantee a visa if you are found to be unsuitable for it under US immigration law.

The Green Card

A Green Card gives you as a foreign citizen the right to live and work wherever you want, for how long you want and with what you want in moving to the USA. It is not time-limited and is extremely sought after by millions of people around the world. Unemployment insurance, pension, and social security are of course included for those who have a Green Card.

You can work your way up to a Green Card by first working in the US on a work visa and then being sponsored by the company. They then handle the contact with the state in the USA and fix a Green Card for you.

Social Security Card

One of the first things you must do when you arrive after moving to the USA is to apply for a social security card. It’s a must for all immigrants because it serves as a very important identification card. If you do not own this card, you will be unable to work in the US.

At least ten days after your first arrival in the United States, you must request your U.S. Social Security number at your local Social Security office, in the city or town where you will be staying and working. It is very important as you need the social security number to open a bank account, take an extra driving test if required in the state you live in, and make your tax return.

You must keep your Social Security card even after you decide to move back to your home country. You only get one US Social Security number in your life, so if you were to return to live in the US – even 30 years later – you would have the same number.

Final Thoughts

Many people around the world have the ambition and are willing to move to the United States and pursue their career goals.

If you have decided to move there for this exact reason, you must know that it can require some organizational skills, both in terms of preparing your legal documents and doing your homework on the country and culture.

If you are lucky enough to have competencies that are in demand or you’re simply moving to the US via an existing job, you will have a clear advantage. However, the above-mentioned tips will surely help you a lot and make things easier for this new successful chapter in your life.



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