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Great netflix shows for entrepreneurs: 7 shows you should watch


There are many great Netflix shows for entrepreneurs. Spending time binge-watching these great shows will inspire you and act as fuel for your energy.

Entrepreneurs are among those people who can be categorized as extraordinarily busy. The busy working hours of an entrepreneurial professional should focus on increasing and boosting their productivity. The trend of women entrepreneurs is increasing day by day. People are accepting and taking women entrepreneurs seriously. To prove their worth is ultimately a challenge for the women working professionals. To improve their productivity and creativity as women entrepreneurs, they must take out time from their busy schedules for watching and binging over movie series.

Many international shows on Netflix are a must-watch for women entrepreneurs. The most common problem that occurs when people think of watching these shows is the unavailability to access them. For example, there are many US-based shows that are available only in the geographical location of a US network. Do not fear though because these shows can be easily watched outside the US if you’re using a tool called VPN (Virtual Private Network). By using a VPN you are able to mask your real IP address and set up your location to be, for example, in the US, therefore having all US content available in no-time! A VPN also provides great security and privacy online – having this tool in 2021 is definitely a must.

Great netflix shows for entrepreneurs: 7 shows you should watch

With that said. here are the top 7 shows on Netflix that every woman entrepreneur must watch.

Inside Bill’s brain: decoding Bill Gates

It is a Netflix documentary released in 2019. The three-part documentary series focuses on the technological mission and vision of the entrepreneurs. It also explains Bill Gates as a business leader and philanthropist. This great Netflix show casts Melinda Gates, lex Bueermann, and David Orness in lead roles. This documentary is a must-watch for tech visionary people who want to drive their career as a business innovator.

Ted talks: Life hacks

As a women entrepreneur, listening to motivational speakers and struggling stories of other entrepreneurs will work as a great motivator. It was released in 2015 on Netflix. It is a collection of the top 10 best talks of TED that will act as a true motivator for all. The speakers in these Ted talk collections are professionals such as educationists, businesswomen, etc. as women entrepreneurs, you are looking for a strong motivation on work than watching and listening to these talks will act as a true influencer.

Something ventured

Released in 2011, Something Ventured is a documentary film that describes the emergence of venture capitalism in American society. This documentary film casts Po Bronson, Nolan Bushnell, and other talented American star cast other talented American star casts in lead roles. It is a great documentary to watch collectively by young minds and experienced business workers and investors. The documentary focuses more on explaining the success stories of the new venture capitalists of America.

Dirty money

Getting motivation for work is one thing, but every businesswoman must explore the dirty world of business, profitability, and money that exists everywhere. The first episode of this Netflix show was released in 2018. The storyline is based on lies, steals, and cheats that exist in the money world. Young entrepreneurs must watch this series to get an understanding of the existing and black side of the business world.


The startup is a Netflix television series released in 2016. It is a gritty drama that highlights the establishments of tech startups and how the young minds executed their business ideas. It includes a list of TV actors and actresses including the most popular Otmara Marrero and Edi Gathegi. The reality of the business and the young startups marks this television series in the top list of entrepreneurs.


Girlboss is a Netflix series screened in 2017. This series is fun to watch with a storyline where the lead actress decides to start her online store. It highlights the struggle of this young entrepreneur plotted beautifully in the series. This is one of the best fun series that every young woman thinking of doing something on her must-watch. This series is about a personal story with a bit more drama added to it.

The Wizard of Lies

It is a television series launched in 2017. It is a drama-crime-based show available on Netflix that highlights the vicious trap in which individual stockholders and investors fall into due to their fraudulent activities. Young women entrepreneurs who are thinking of experimenting and watching something different this weekend should prefer binge-watching this short Netflix show. It adds to the black and white colors of the real business world.

Great netflix shows include some of the most interesting movies, series, and shows. Its unique and exclusive collection has the content for all types of audience. It provides a great platform for those seeking to watch entertainment or documentaries related to the world economy at home. Watch out for these amazing shows to recharge and relax out of the daily entrepreneurial routine.

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