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Feeling empowered as a female in a male dominated world


There are still to this day, many male dominated industries that females can simply shine in. In some ways, they can even outshine some of the most successful businessmen. But yet, so many women are overwhelmed about the prospect of working in such industries like the automotive sector, construction or business in general. Why? There shouldn’t be any doubt that a female can’t do as good as job as any male can. Management, however, can be difficult in a male dominated environment for a female. Some people can feel intimidated and others may not respect or value your position. With that in mind, here are some of the things to help you feel empowered in a male dominated world.

Being a people person

There seems to be a fine line not to cross when it comes to being a people person. But treating people as people instead of just cogs in the industry will get you more results. Enabling your team to feel valued by you is important, and it can be one way of softening the intimidation that could be there from a female powerhouse such as yourself. Talking and showing interest is a great way to build up team morale, and make the workplace a positive environment to be in. However, the fine line is that you don’t want people to then take advantage of your kind nature. So ensure that business is always the first priority, and that people and your staff know that.

Being the motivator

Motivation is one of those words that has a lot of meaning, but it certainly can be a word that is bounced around a lot. How do you motivate someone? How do you motivate yourself? The truth is, there is no definitive answer, just a number of things you can do. Motivation in business normally starts from the manager. If that person is pumped up and ready for the day, then the chances are the staff will follow suit. Motivation is encouragement and positivity, which again are two great aspects to a successful business.

Being accountable

As a manager, you are accountable for the business growth and success. Whether that is specific to your team, to a department or to the whole company. So being accountable for your actions is vital to success. It is important to realise that not only are you accountable for your own results, but for everyone else’s. This is when regular meetings with your staff to see where they are at with their own results can be a game changer. Also taking advantage of things such as CfOD can help you to stay on track and be more present within the structure of the business.

Having the responsibility of staff and assets

Having the responsibility for the staff and assets can be a huge weight on anyone’s shoulders. Whether it is small or a large corporation. So it is important to have the right measures in place to ensure security. For example, many companies have an array of keys. Perhaps for vehicles or machinery, even the company safe. Another example would be the safety and security of team members on sight. So a valid healthy and safety policy as well as company guidelines could also help to keep everyone in line with their own responsibilities to the business.

Let’s hope these tips help you to feel empowered in a male dominated world.

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