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3 Different ideas for promoting your brand


You may not think your business needs promotional items or that they are a waste of time when it comes to investing in your company. But actually, that could not be further from the truth when it comes to looking at cost-effective ways to advertise your services. Whether you are selling a tangible product or offering up a physical or online service, there are many different ways in which you can cleverly advertise your business without the need for big flashy ads that people may not remember in a week, month or years to come.

You want something to stick with people in a way they may not realise it has so they can find you and your business. You want to stand out but also retain that professionalism you have worked so hard to achieve over the years. This is where promotional items for your company can really come in handy. Just think about it, if someone hands you a leaflet, what are the chances it doesn’t get screwed up and thrown away or even blown off the car windscreen you have paid someone to attach it to? For this, you need something that stands out like Ultimatebanners. Read on to find some ingenious ways of getting your companies name out there for people to see.

Use your car

Or your van/truck/wagon! This is a great way to make sure your business can reach more and more people. Use advertising stickers to the side of your vehicle to make yours stand out. Have you ever noticed people looking at cars or other vehicles when they have something on them? Peoples attention can be caught whether you are stuck in traffic or on the highway. Use that to your advantage and get your name out there to make sure people know about you.

Another fun way to do this is to look at cherished number plates. Liven up your registration by having personalised to you or your business, the quirkier the better. As a side note, personalised number plates also make great gifts for friends. family members or even long term clients as a way to show your appreciation for their custom and to help them promote their own businesses too should this be applicable to them.

Have a cuppa!

I know what you are thinking, branded mugs aren’t really that special, but honestly, it is still a great way of getting your name out there. But why stop at mugs for the home and office. Branch out and follow the trend by getting your own branded reusable travel mugs. More and more people are looking for ethical and sustainable ways to live and using these products branded with your logo is a great way to help boost visibility.

As your clients go from meeting to meeting, from the coffee shop to the office, for those needing a caffeine fix or a daily dose of tea, they can take this mug with them everywhere they go meaning your potential for exposure is drastically increased as opposed to mugs that may never make it out of the office kitchen.

Wrap it up

These days, most people have tablets, mobile phones and laptops etc. We are connected in so many ways by different pieces of technology. Whilst branded pen drives have been around for a while, maybe think differently when it comes to the technology used by people you do business with.

It makes sense that we would have these various products protected in some way. Gifting family members phone or laptop cases with their own company logo is a great idea, as is gifting them to current and potential new clients.

With meetings being held more and more in coffee shops and contemporary urban spaces, having your logo being on something most people need to take with them for a meeting will no doubt keep your name in their mind or the at the very least, visible to everyone they do business with too.

If you sell physical products, maybe you offer free branded cases with your logo over a certain amount of spend or as a free gift with a customer’s next order. Whether you choose to use your full logo or even incorporate your contact details like an oversized business card, you can come up with something that reflects who you are and what you do.

Think outside the box a little when it comes to using promotional items. Whilst pens, business cards and notebooks are great items, sometimes you need something different. Something off the wall that fits your branding and company ethos.

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