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Fluid business transitions you should carry out!


Business should always be about being fluid, but we’re sure that some of you will admit that fluid is the last thing you could class anything in your life, let alone your business. When things just seem to be so chaotic all of the time, it can be hard to keep things fluid. But, when everything is so chaotic, both inside and outside of your business, you might just need a bit of fluid movement in your life, and believe it or not it’s actually really easy to do so.

You might be wondering on how on earth this is going to be possible when all you seem to do is not know what on earth to do. But after reading this super informative article, you should be pointed in the right direction somewhat. But what transitions does your business need to make, you might be wondering?

Well, pretty much every move your business makes is going to be a transition, because you’re attempting to move on from the thing you once used to use or do. For example, you could switch software, move forward with marketing campaigns, make new products etc. So when you start thinking about everything as a transition, it becomes a lot easier to think of everything that’s going to help grow your business. So, we want to show you some of the minor and major transitions you should be making, and how you can ensure they’re as fluid as possible!

The transition of premises

This is possibly one of the first transitions you’re ever going to make, and in our eyes, it’s going to be one of the most important. The first transition you will make in this department will be the one from wherever you set your business up, which is usually going to be from the comfort of your own home, and into offices.

The office you move into will be small and simple, because you just won’t know what your business is going to grow into, and quite frankly you just don’t need the space. The only time you might need a big office right off the bat is if you already have a business that you’re going into, because perhaps you’re inheriting one. But, for the most of you, your business will be home grown, and there should come a time where your home grown business takes on a few employees, and those few employees lead you to needing a bigger office.

When this happens, there are multiple things we think you need to consider to make sure the transition is fluid. The first is location. You should move to a prime location with good business connections to help grow your business. This will help your business be more fluid in the future. The second is to make sure you have everything in order so that your business can be completely settled from the moment the last computer is set up.

The last thing you want to face is setbacks because you haven’t actually prepared for life on the other side. If you focus on these two things, the later in particular, we really do think you’ll have a fluid move!

Big data transitions

Data, data, data. Do you not just feel like that is all anyone is ever drilling into your head, or perhaps that you’re drilling into your own head? It’s so hard to manage data as your company grows, because you’ll often find that the amount of data you’re storing will just keep on growing and growing. Financial data, customer data, company data… the list of data could go on.

But there is going to come a time where your storage solutions just aren’t working for you at the minute. You don’t have the capacity to store and organise it, you could be running safety risks with your current solution, and it could just be hard to follow and access. So along comes data migration, which again can be an absolute pain if you don’t use content migration services to help you. You have to think of the magnitude of transfering the amount of data you’re most likely going to have collected, and the errors that could happen along the way.

Aside from using a service to make the transition nice and fluid for you, you need to think about the storage solution that you’re moving to. Our recommendation is to always check out the cloud, purely because it has so many features that we think a business should utilise, and we do believe it’s one of the most safe storage solutions that you can have. It holds vasts amount of data, and it’s just so easy to access from remote location!

Employee transitions

Do you remember that day that you hired your first employee? The day when you thought you were totally prepared, but then all of the sudden found out what it’s like to have an employee that you have to care for. Because they’re not just someone who you employ to do your dirty work, they’re a responsibility that you take on with everything included. You have to think about their safety at work, happiness, any outside of work issues that might get bought into the job, their pay, their progression.

The list of things that you need to be focusing on with a new employee could just keep on growing and growing, but we want bore you. What we will say, is how you can have a really fluid transition from it just being you or another family member and friend, to actually hiring someone completely new.

The first thing you need to do is read up on employee law. There are so many different rules and regulations that you need to follow if you want to take someone under your wing properly. A lengthy read it might be, but it will help clue you up as to what’s expected of you as a boss, and what you definitely shouldn’t be doing.

In our eyes, we would expect a boss to be kind, caring, like a teacher, and fun. Do everything the opposite of this, and you really are doing everything you shouldn’t be doing!

Make sure you take your time to find the right person as well. We come across so many complaints from bosses where they just aren’t happy with the team they have working for them, when they had no say in who was actually working for them! You could think about going through a recruitment agency to help you, but you’ll often find that they come with a big settling fee as they found and guided the person towards you. It’s often much cheaper to just put a job advert out, and have a go and interviewing people yourself. Keep them as light-hearted and informal as possible, you will have a much calmer environment, and people’s true colours will come out!

Product or service transitions

This is not so much a transition, but something that’s just going to happen over time. When you first started out with your company, the baseline of products or services that you will be selling will be pretty simple. You might not think it at the time, you might think it was the next best thing. As long as you’re progressing, there clearly was something good about your initial route.

But what you will find as time goes on, is that your customers will demand bigger and better. Or worse, your competitors will. If you’re trying to compete against someone who is selling better products or services, and selling them at a higher quality, they’re going to attract the people who are willing to pay a little bit more. But, to make sure the transition from your base products to your next level products is smooth, you’re going to have to think of all the things that could go wrong.

A biggie for us would be if you don’t sell the products or services that you’ve invested so much money and time into. It’ll be a big loss for your company, but to prevent it we think you should market and market some more, until you’re actually ready to sell the product or service. You should notice a spark in interest that will tell you whether you’ve made the right choice. But at least once you’ve marketed it before it leaves the production lines, you know you’ve got some exposure out there, and potentially people who are ready to buy your products or use your services.

Financial transitions

The financial transition for us, is one of the scariest. Again, not so much a transition, but something you will notice happening to your company as the days go on. The one we would get so excited about, is the transition of just taking a small amount to pay your own salary, but not taking any dividends.

Dividends are where business owners get a little bit greedy, so we want to highlight how you can stop that. Dividends are the part of your profit that you take outside of your salary, for your own personal use.

Get carried away and take too much, and you could find yourself robbing your company blind. Take enough to live comfortably, and some to enjoy yourself, but no more. We highly recommend putting into a pension pot instead!

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