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How to formulate goals in the right way


Goals motivates you to succeed in life. You should plan your short-time and long-term goals clearly and in a smart way. These easy steps will help you to generate valuable and achievable goals.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to be successful and accomplish as much as they possibly can during their lives. However, to succeed, you must start by realizing your purpose, and what it is you want both in a short and long perspective. That is where the need for setting successful goals comes in. Most people, however, wonder, “Why set goals while working our butts off to get a kind of life we want?” But you should understand that accomplishing goals is much more than just waking up every morning and getting to work. Goals are the driving force that motivates you to keep pressing on and remaining focused on what you want to achieve. Just as you don’t wake up and start a journey without a clear plan, you don’t achieve a lifetime success in two days either. So below you will find some useful tips about how to formulate goals and achieve success.

Write them down

Having a goal in your mind is one thing, but writing it down is another. When you write down your expectations, they feel more real and tangible. Additionally, this list helps you to remain motivated and not to lose focus. However, in your writing, avoid abstract words, i.e., with no real meaning. For instance, if your goals have to do with essay writing, instead of saying you would like to, generally, finish your paper, spell out the details of how you are going to do that. Make a list of sources, put down the requirements and the deadline, conduct research, proofread. Students in Canada, just like students elsewhere in the world, have to do a lot of writing tasks during their studies, but not everyone manages to settle them smoothly. If you need, add to your list something like, “use help from an essay writing service”, but don’t put off the search for the agency. Thankfully, nowadays, there are a lot of online services to turn to, and you don’t necessarily have to use because there are other options, too. By creating a step-by-step list, you start seeing the full picture of what you have to deal with, and sometimes that alone makes the task much easier to accomplish.

Take action

It is never too late to start doing whatever you have set your eye for. Once you have everything on a paper, take immediate action towards your goal. A long journey starts with the first step. So wherever you want to get – in your career or in life – it is the first step you take that determines your success. Remember, even the smallest action takes you closer to something bigger, and you can always change the plan if you feel that something goes not the way you planned.

Break big goals into small ones

Following a huge goal that will take 10 to 20 years before attaining can be a bit hectic. You are likely to forget about it or lose hope while still in the middle of your journey. However, if you break such goals into small and simple ones, remaining on track will not be a problem. Therefore, breaking everything down and setting target time directs you toward fulfilling your purpose.

Additionally, every short-term goal that you achieve guarantees that you are a step closer to completing a grand plan. Divide and group your actions: one-week, one-month, six-month, and one-year plans respectively. However, make sure that every next step is based on the previous one and draws you near the ultimate plan. Additionally, create a daily to-do-list to ensure that every day you are doing at least something to make your dream finally come true.

Stick to the plan

It is quite easy to set goals and even to create a plan, but sticking to it may be quite challenging. Therefore, even when things are not working right, don’t lose hope. Stay focused, motivate yourself and work day after day after day. It is also a good idea to come up with a reward system, to treat yourself every time you complete even the smallest of the steps. This way, you will remain cheerful and fulfilling your dreams will not feel like an unattainable goal.

Make them smart

Your goals should be precise and specific. The SMART acronym stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Specific means that your goal should not be all over the place, but to point. For instance, you can say that by the year 2030, you want to have read one thousand books –that is quite specific and will guarantee that every step you take is directed towards achieving that objective.

Measurable has to do with quantification of your progress. If you need to read one thousand books in 10 years’ time to get a prize from your book club, count how many pages you need to read a day and track your progress. This way you will see if you keep up the pace.

Attainable has to do with your capabilities. Say, you need to read 50 pages a day, but in reality, you have time for only 15 pages. Can you reach your goal then? No. Is your goal attainable? Not quite. Make sure to set attainable goals.

Relevant (or realistic) has to do with attainability. First, why do you need to read that book at all? What does the victory in the challenge gives you? Maybe it’s just a waste of time? Plus, can you at all compete with other readers? Do you read the same book? Are you of the same academic level with them? These are the questions that can help you understand whether your aim is relevant and realistic. And so if the answers are negative or irritate you, maybe you should give up on this prize and move on to something else.

Finally, time-bound is a tracker that keeps you on the move and monitors your progress. Time also helps you speed up your pace towards getting to the line without wandering around. With SMART goals, getting to your destiny will not take forever. This way, you will have enough time to celebrate your hard work and still have time and energy to do things other than those related to your goal.


Setting and achieving goals isn’t rocket science. With just a bit of effort, diligence and knowledge you can easily achieve almost anything. Use the tips from this article, and start making your dreams coming true right away!

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