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How to give a great presentation


If you dread being asked to do a presentation for work because you hate standing in front of crowds and speaking, you’ll be happy to know you aren’t the first and you won’t be the last. However, doing a presentation gives you an opportunity to show people what you’re really made of, and that’s something you don’t want to miss out on. So, here are a few tips for perfecting your presentation skills.

Make eye contact

Your audience is there to listen to what you have to say. If you’re slouching and looking around the room instead of at them, they’re going to be paying more attention to how nervous you are rather than the information you’re giving. Looking people in the eye and smiling will show them that you’re confident and worth listening to, even if it is all an act.

How to give a great presentation


Passion is infectious

Most of the time, the point of a presentation is to sell ideas. If you can demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for what you’re saying, you’re likely to get others on board. Creating a presentation isn’t just about visuals; you’re a large part of whether it succeeds or not. Do thorough research into the subject you’re presenting on and be creative in how present your ideas. If you can grab your audience’s attention within the first few minutes, you’ll have them the entire way.

Audio and visual

It goes without saying that audio and visual are paramount to making a great presentation. No-one wants to see blurred pictures or boring graphics. Similarly, no-one wants to be deafened by high pitch audio or subjected to microphones that barely work. It’s worth investing in help from an audio visual company. That way, you know what you’re using is quality equipment. It’s especially important for presentations at trade shows or conferences.

How to give a great presentation


Tell stories

It’s important for your audience to be able to connect what’s in your presentation with real life scenarios. It’s about capturing their imagination and allowing themselves to walk in someone else’s shoes. It’s a great method for showing people how they could benefit from what you’re selling. You may use a customer testimonial or you may create fictional characters for the purpose of the presentation. Either way, this technique can draw people in.

Practice makes perfect

If your presentation is important to you, there’s no point in just hoping for the best. In order to give a great presentation, you need to practice it. Practice speaking in front of an audience, even if it’s just family and friends. Do a few trial runs with the tech so you know how to work the laptop, the projector screen and the audio equipment. If you turn up and you don’t know how to get anything on the screen, you’ll end up looking unprofessional.


It’s easier said than done when you have a presentation looming over you, but try to enjoy it instead. Here are some tips for relaxing in a crowd. Once you decide to enjoy yourself and put your best foot forward, your nerves are no longer in control.

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