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What every introvert should do to have a great career


Introverts have a hard time at their workplace. In a world where they are surrounded by extroverts with have a different attitude toward life, introverts cannot just come to terms with what is happening around them.

In their quest to make it big at their workplace, introverts tend to face numerous challenges that they do not have any idea of how to tackle. Introverts often lack basic communication skills, and this can prevent them from genuinely standing out at their workplace. However, this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost for them.

So what if you don’t have the strongest voice in the group project you are working in? So what if your team members aren’t really accustomed to you being a leader? All you need to do is celebrate the victories you have achieved during your career, and plan ahead for the victories that you want to achieve during the rest of your life.

Every small victory that makes you successful should be celebrated. Here are some of the things you need to do in order to have a good career despite having a shy personality.

Make yourself stand out in front of extroverts

There is nothing as daunting for an introvert as working with a group full of extroverts. From having a brainstorming session to interacting with colleagues at an office lunch, every event is sabotaged by the more talkative extroverts within your group.

Yes, we do know that you envy the confidence of the people around you who have no reservations whatsoever about speaking their mind out. You too have your own two cents to offer on multiple occasions, but you keep to yourself and do not open up the way you would want.

Knowing this, there are multiple occasions during the day where you would love to add something to the discussion, but you shy away from the topic because you have nothing worthwhile to add here.

Now, your first step to success in your career is to know that you should speak your mind out, even if you are surrounded with extroverts who you don’t get along with. Not every situation in the workplace is going to be tailored to suit your perspectives and preferences. There are going to be occasions and different events where your perspective would be highly appreciated. There will also be times where what you have to say is just what the group would like to hear. So don’t hold yourself back from opening up or expressing your opinion.

Take it one step at a time. We know opening up can be daunting for you, knowing that you are surrounded by a wide variety of people.  However, what’s worth remembering here is that your opinion can make a difference. Go one step at a time and put forth one opinion, while following it up with another one. Make sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself, or anyone else around you. Obviously, you wouldn’t be able to start talking abruptly even if you wanted to, which is why you need to go step by step and make your own unique identity.

Master the art of small talk

All introverts working in their respective careers can relate to the awkward silence that creeps up when they are talking to someone from their office. Small talk is the most difficult thing for an introvert to maintain, which is why they lose grip over the topic during the discussion. How many times have you been host to or victim to awkward silences whenever you are in discussion with your colleagues?

Well, we do understand how hard it is to transition from the photos of your new baby to the new episode of GoT, but you have to make such transitions happen.

The key to making small talk lies in harnessing the very features that make you an introvert. Finding it hard to make sense out of this assertion? Well, science has revealed that introverts happen to be great listeners, so it is a fact that your listening skills are better than those around you.

While small talk involves bringing up discussions of your own, it also includes a bit of listening and comforting. You should do what you’re comfortable with and what comes naturally to you; listening. Your office workers will appreciate how avidly you listen to them and give constructive feedback to whatever is going within their lives. Knowing this, they will make sure that they come to you for small talks and finding solace in your presence.

You can start a conversation by simply asking a co-worker how they’re doing. Ask about their routine, and then listen to them. Make conversation by listening to them and finding common points in that discussion. If you’re asking about someone’s routine, there would definitely be something in common between the two of you. You can pinpoint that common point through your discussions, and focus on it as your next discussion.

Take the lead with what you’re good in

Group projects are an introvert’s nightmare at the workplace. Introverts just shy away from such projects and want to work in silence and peace rather than in a group.

Now, we know it can be hard for you to take up the role of the lead presenter for the project, but you can most definitely work on the project on your own terms.

Have an understanding of what you are more comfortable in doing, and let the rest of the members know about your game plan. What you do could be anything along the lines of keeping everyone together, bringing up new ideas, or critically analyzing meeting minutes. Regardless of what you are doing, the final key point here is to make sure that you are doing what you feel comfortable in.

Talk about your skills and accomplishments

People with shy and reserved personalities are unlikely to brag about their accomplishments. Introverts like keeping things to themselves, and don’t go on bragging about what they have achieved in life or what not.

While you might also be the same, we feel that there are certain accomplishments that you should let the people around you know. With the modern era of LinkedIn around you, you should make sure that your social profile has some of the more notable achievements from your current employer mentioned on it.

According to GSDiamonds your LinkedIn is the first source of contact for any recruiter looking out for you, which is why your profile and the notable achievements column would most definitely pop up.

You can start by talking about the projects you have worked on, and how many team tasks you have handled. By mentioning this on your LinkedIn, you’re letting people know of your accomplishments and how you can aid their organization in achieving greatness during the future.

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