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How NetHunt can turn your Gmail into a CRM system


NetHunt is a Gmail-based CRM which allows managing business directly from the Gmail inbox. It organizes emails and all transactional data from G Suite applications as custom entries to manage commercial pipelines from within Gmail.

NetHunt can be used for everything from sales and customer support to real estate management and marketing agencies thanks to the flexible structure and customizable organization of records and leads. Being based on Gmail, NetHunt automates the email sending in the form of large-scale mailing campaigns. This software created by Andriy Petryk, Oleksiy Lun’kiv, and Serhiy Chudnovskyi provides features allowing quickly segment potential customers, clients, and send thousands of personalized emails in just a few minutes. ‘Everything in one place’ – here is how NetHunt CRM can be described.

NetHunt features

With the help of NetHunt CRM Gmail turns into a genuine CRM system. Among the functions stated by creators are the following:

  • business leads creation on the basis of correspondence;
  • leads grouping according to different parameters, their implementation for mailing;
  • information about letters (who, where, and when have read your letters;
  • data tracking and data outputting from the mailing history and correspondence context;
  • creating an alternative list of duties, affairs, and to do’s, by setting up follow-ups and automative reminders;
  • integration with Google Calendar and Google Apps services.

When it comes to the discussion in what the NetHunt CRM is better than other popular CRM software the answer is simple – integrability and low-maintenance demands. This CRM does not require numerous hours for learning all the functionality available. Thanks to its integrability within Gmail mailing service this software works by broadening the already available Gmail functionality. NetHunt’s intuitively familiar interface becomes extremely convenient for everyone who has ever worked with Gmail using it for business purposes and data organization.

Field of implementation

NetHunt is focused on the Gmail interface and takes into account the main features it provides as well as this system users wishes. In addition, the software has great potential for customization. Furthermore, NetHunt can be easily implemented for various spheres of business from simple management to complicated informational tracking and large email companies.

Brilliant software functionality still continues to evolve so in the nearest future the world will probably see a few stunning updates, which will make this particular CRM system even more convenient for numerous small and large business companies among the world.


However, the main Nethunt CRM advantage is definitely its relatively small price. With solely two tariffs NetHunt offers for a small and large business, this CRM company provides significantly more than any other analog one at the world market. The price of the company’s software starts from $25 for small business to $500 for the more progressive business needs. The price indicated is paid monthly for each logged in customer. The only difference in pricing is determined by the number of users in each company.

Use NetHunt on your desktop or mobile devices to stay on top of your sales process, tasks, customer interactions, and get the most out of the G Suite for your business.

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