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How to keep your cool as a working mum


Keeping your cool as a mum itself can be tough at times. Come on…we’ve all been there. I’m talking about all those times in the car and your two kids are crying in the backseat. You practise those in and our breathes like your about to give birth to another 10 pound baby, but it’s really just to keep you from losing your cool.

So add being a working mum to the mix and it’s another struggle!

So here are my top tips to help you keep your cool:

  1. Be in the moment

I have a schedule of which days i work and which days i’m with my kids every week. I give my 100% focus and attention to one or the other instead of both at the same time. My kids love it because they know when i’m with them, i am present, watching them and cheering them on. My team loves it because they know that i’m  listening to them and making actions and decisions to keep the business running. Have you ever been in that situation where your 3 year is whinging and your on a super important phone call for work trying to shush her?? This tip will help you avoid that!

  1. Take time out for yourself

I religiously go to the gym 3 times a week. It’s not because i love to lift weights and run on a treadmill towards nothing. Its because it’s the only time in that week that i have 45 mins where i have no pressure to make decisions or negotiate with a 3 year old. I can just be me in whatever mood i’m in, no expectations of my results and somebody else will tell me what to do. I just follow like a sheep around the gym lifting, pulling or running whatever they give me. So go find the one thing that gives you that release from work and mum life. That will give you the energy and the mindframe to get through those tough situations during the week.

  1. Ask for help

I think as a woman and a mum, we have this martyr mentality where we have to be able to do it all by ourselves. Our partners are perfectly capable human beings that is very willing to help, but we sometimes shield them away from the struggle. Why are we the ones who must juggle? Let your partner get in on the juggle. I love nothing more than to giggle with my hubby at the end of the worst day ever (i obviously wasn’t laughing during the day) because the juggle was just way too REAL. It makes me feel supported and i’ve got someone in my corner who knows how hard it can be!

And if finances permit, outsource whatever you can in areas where it doesn’t matter. e.g Your kids aren’t going to write you a mother’s day card thanking you for vacuuming their rooms.

  1. Manage expectations

This is one of the first things i ever learnt working in the corporate world. You must manage everyone’s expectations because if you don’t, that’s when misunderstandings and difficult situations arise. I use that motto everyday in work but for some reason i struggle to manage my own expectations of myself. I set these high expectations of myself all the time and how i could be a better mum, a better partner or a better business woman. But at the end of the day, aren’t we all just trying to live our best life and that should just be doing something that inspires us and being with the ones we love. So relook at your expectations of yourself and ask yourself what is really your best life?

  1. Find a support network

When you work in corporate, you are surrounded by people everyday so you always felt like you have a network of people wanting to achieve together. When you become a mum, if you’re lucky enough, you find a group of women who go through the ups and downs of REAL life with you and understand the REAL struggle of work and parenthood. And then you go back to work and evaluate everything you’ve ever thought about your job. So you quit your job to do something that you are passionate about and it’s the loneliest you’ve ever felt. I only recently connected with some amazing mumpreneurs who have allowed me to feel that i have a support network again. They are inspiring because each of their stories are so different and I can’t wait to get to know them more and learn from them. So last tip is to go and find your network for whatever stage of work/life you are in.

About Jenny Vanderhoek

Jenny Vanderhoek has taken some big leaps in her life. She’s forged a highly-successful career in Australia’s FMCG market, built a family home from scratch, juggled motherhood and full-time work, and quit her current job to focus on her latest venture – the relaunch of online childcare booking service Mynder. Mynder is a dream come true for every parent, ever, in the form of an app. Whether you need a babysitter for date night, a last minute carer for a medical emergency or a regular nanny for ongoing assistance, Mynder makes finding the right person both easy and safe.

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