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Running the best breaks at work


When it comes to being a boss, there’s a lot you have to account for day by day. Your business operations can change on the daily, your profit margins can drastically improve or decline based on one bad month, and you’ve got an entire payroll to constantly provide for. If you’re doing all this on your own, congratulations! But now’s the time to take one crucial point into account: the break time.

Breaks are always going to be important for everyone when working, otherwise you’re going to have a ton of very avoidable illnesses on your hands. And no boss wants to be dealing with that, especially considering the health of your employees is one of the most important elements of business! So with that in mind, here’s how to run some of the best breaks the corporate world has ever seen.

Have a timetable

This way, you’ll be sure everyone gets a break, and also that there’s going to be someone manning the floor at all times. It also means you’re going to be sticking to the law at all times, and never accidentally scheduling someone on the shop floor for too long. People have to have breaks when they’re working for you; don’t skimp on proper allocations by having a plan for them.

Provide some food

This is common in the food industry, but even if you don’t work in hospitality, do your workers a favor and provide something to eat for them. Not everyone is capable of bringing a lunch from home everyday after all, and you never know when an employee might just pass out because they haven’t eaten properly.

So what kinds of food would be best here? You’re not going to want to pack your employees full of carbs and unhealthy snacks; this can help to make someone very drowsy during the afternoon as someone’s body focuses on digestion instead. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have something substantial on offer: you can provide cheap and healthy food options instantly when you look into suppliers like fruit wholesalers.

Encourage some exercise

If people just sit around during their break, despite having every right to after hours on their feet serving customers, it’s just going to make it that much harder to go back out and continue on with their best work on their feet again. So try to encourage some gentle exercise during this time, like stretching legs outside and taking small sitting breaks in between bursts. Don’t make it mandatory, but always recommend something like this to make the work environment a lot healthier for everyone in it.

Running breaks at work is something you knew you’d have to do from the beginning, but there’s a good chance quality breaks have been slipping off the scale. Hopefully these tips can help make your workplace a bit better, or at least give you some ideas about working harmoniously!

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