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3 Tips for being a successful entrepreneur while raising a family


Trying to attend to all the duties and responsibilities of raising a family, while at the same time seeking to find prominence, advancement, and success in business, is by no means an easy task.

For that reason, many ambitious mothers quit their full-time office jobs after giving birth, and set up from-home entrepreneurial ventures, so as to have a greater degree of control over their time, while also remaining closer to their newly arrived offspring.

But while working from home may be liberating, and while being an entrepreneur may open all kinds of exciting vistas of potential, succeeding as an entrepreneur is tough at the best of time, even with the help of professionals such as a commercial law firm.

When attempting to balance entrepreneurship with raising a family, there are some important principles and steps to adhere to. Here are a few of those.

Implement a ruthlessly efficient task and project management system

When you’re juggling family life and a new business at the same time, on an irregular schedule, and with an unpredictable timetable — as is to be expected when attending to a newborn baby or young child — you absolutely must have a system in place for quickly and effectively processing the different demands on your time.

You will have a hundred or more new potential tasks coming at you every day. You must become expert at deciding, in a hurry, which of those tasks can be discarded, which can be put aside as potential activities for some point in the future, and which must be actively addressed.

In other words, you need a ruthlessly efficient task and project management system, such as David Allen’s famed Getting Things Done method, and the appropriate project management apps — Nozbe, for example — which follow the rules of that system.

Outsource or delegate wherever possible

As an entrepreneur, a major part of your success will depend on your ability to leverage your time, attention, and resources in the most effective ways possible, and to delegate or automate anything which doesn’t require your direct input.

No matter how hard you work, you are one person, and you simply can’t expect to do it all, all the time, without burning out. Least of all if your daily duties also involve attending to a new child.

Consider hiring a freelance writer to work on your web or promotional copy, or a virtual assistant to take your calls or compile your spreadsheets for you when you’re busy.

Do everything you can to optimise your health and energy levels

A great mistake that many new entrepreneurs make, is to completely neglect their health and overall wellness while grinding away incessantly at the task of building their business and proving that they have what it takes to function as a whole business team, by themselves.

At the same time, many new parents struggle to keep a healthy sleep schedule due to the demands of the baby, and often neglect their own nutrition, fitness, and wellness in the process.

But your health and energy levels are investments, both in the well-being of your child, and the success of your business. Do everything you can to optimise them. You’ll perform both roles better when you have some vitality to work with.

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