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Best side hustles to earn money while working on your start-up


Whether you’re looking to boost your savings, pay off outstanding debt or simply want to boost your income so you have more to invest in your start-up, side hustles are a great way to bring in money in a flexible way. These five jobs can all easily fit around your schedule to suit you, so you can work as much or as little as you need to without compromising your main goals.

Uber driver

Becoming a driver for rideshare services such as Uber is a great way to boost your income, while still maintaining flexible hours around working on your start-up. All you need to do is apply, add the app to your phone and then wait for the opportunities to come to you. If you have spare time where you’d otherwise be sitting in front of the TV, it’s a great way to be more productive. Don’t have a car? You can rent a car for Uber from Hire Brid meaning you don’t have the expense of buying a vehicle.

Tour guide

If you’re lucky enough to live in a popular location that you know well, why not become a tour guide in your hometown or city? This job can earn you a decent hourly rate, plus you get to meet new people every day while showing them around a place you love.

Virtual assistant

If you’re tech savvy, working as a virtual assistant can be a big money earner. Business owners often need help with different tasks, from managing their website to maintaining spreadsheets and email lists. It’s ideal for fitting in around regular business hours, as many businesses don’t mind when the tasks are completed as long as they’re done to the deadline. So, you can make use of spare evenings and weekends and earn extra cash at the same time.

Remote travel consultant

For those passionate about travel, becoming a travel consultant is an ideal way to combine your interests with earning extra cash. You can monetise your knowledge of destinations, scan airfare sites for the best prices and help people book accommodation – and charge upwards of £50 to answer questions.


Tutoring, whether online or in person, is becoming a popular side hustle because of its flexibility and great hourly rate. Tutors can earn up to £25 per hour for their services, plus you get to help students learn, making this a rewarding side career. And you don’t have to meet up with students face-to-face – Skype makes online tutoring really flexible, so you can fit it around your schedule more easily.

The key to finding a great side hustle is to find something you enjoy doing that doesn’t consume all your time, and still gives you plenty of flexibility to build your business. Consider what your primary skills are and what there’s a demand for in that sector – the combination of these factors could be your next side hustle.

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