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Is ridesharing with Uber and Lyft a good way to earn money on the side?


Are you open to a new business opportunity? Have you thought about driving for the ridesharing services? Ridesharing has risen to popularity due to its ability to save its users time. There is no waiting around for a cab, you simply order your ride on your mobile phone and are notified of its position in real time until it arrives at your set pick up point.

Registering as a driver is a great way to start your own independent business that earns you income from the very first shift. Read through the following benefits that ridesharing can offer you and then use the tips to improve your driver profile and earn more money.

1. Answer to no-one

As a ridesharing driver, you are your boss. No-one is checking up on your whereabouts or requiring you to turn up for a regular shift. You work when you want and where you want. This situation makes ridesharing perfect for anyone needing an extra income stream to moonlight in their spare time while they keep their steady job.

2. Earn extra income

How much would an extra income stream help out your monthly budget? Do you need cash to help you get through your expenses at the end of the month? Avoid taking out a loan and going into debt to cover your expenses. By doing ridesharing work, you can afford any additional monthly cash drains and create a viable income stream that you can operate on your own time.

3. Minimal barriers to entry

One of the best things about ridesharing work is the fact that the barriers to entry are so low. You do not need an advanced college education or an exclusive license. All you need to get out on the road earning money is a car, valid driver’s license, car insurance (preferably rideshare insurance), and a cell phone.

4. Partner network

The partner network is the to support line for all ridesharing work drivers. You can get advice on a guide to take over my car payments, as well as discounts on car parts, servicing, tires, and even call time and data on your phone.

Tips for improving your profile

Your driver profile is the center of your ridesharing business. A highly rated profile will earn you more rides and more money. Here are four top tips to get you to that five-star level as soon as possible.

1. Be polite

Address your clients politely. Open the door for them and remember to smile. If they are engaged in an activity such as looking at their phone, don’t disturb them. Never initiate the contact, rather let your client do the talking and then build on the conversation if you can.

2. Stay clean

Keep your car clean inside and out. Make sure that you wash the exterior regularly and keep a compact, portable vacuum cleaner in the trunk. Clean the back seat and the floorboards after every ride. Make sure that the interior of your car smells fresh but not overpowering.

3. Add value

Go the extra mile for your passengers. Keep a power bank charged up and at the ready along with an electronic cooler filled with bottles of chilled mineral water. When you collect your fare, offer them some water to quench their thirst and the power bank to charge their device.

4. Dress well

Your passengers will make their first impression of you within the first three seconds of laying eyes on you. Make it count by wearing casual, but smart attire. You should be well groomed and smell fresh, but don’t overdo it with the cologne as this may be rather overpowering in the cab of the car.

In closing

Ridesharing work is a respectable way to create a viable income stream by providing a valuable service that people need. Transportation has changed the world over the last millennium, let it change your financial life by using the power of the information age and the internet to make you more money.

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