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How to keep your employees motivated in 5 simple steps


Your employees are an essential part of your business, and the more focused and motivated they are on the job, the better quality of work you can deliver to your clients. As a business owner, it’s your job to do what you can to keep your employees motivated. But, most businesses aren’t able to always offer cash incentives or rewards. So, how do you motivate your employees without cash bonuses? Here are five simple and effective methods.

1. Be a supportive leader

Employees are more likely to work well if they have a good relationship with their employer. Develop good working relationships with your employees and let them know they’re trusted. If an employee has an issue they should feel safe in bringing it to your attention. There will always be times when one member of the team isn’t functioning as well as usual, perhaps due to personal issues. As a leader it’s part of your job to have a sympathetic ear when needed. Lead by example and your employees will follow.

2. Create the ideal environment

The office you work in will have a direct effect on productivity. If the office is too dark, it can make employees feel down, even depressed at time. Let lots of natural light in the office or use energy saving lights that mimic natural light. The same goes for the temperature. If the office is too warm or too cold, it can be difficult for employees to work properly. Take a look at Boutique Air for examples of ideal air conditioning systems. The office should be a practical home away from home if you want the best from your employees.

3. Empowerment

An employee that doesn’t feel appreciated is either going to slack on work or find another job. It’s important for all employees to feel valued. Employers can achieve this by personalizing praise when a good job has been done, rather than sending a generic memo out to the whole team. It can also be beneficial to allow employees to bring in things that remind them of their goals, like travel brochures or family pictures. Having a reminder of why they’re there is a good way to keep them motivated.

4. Encourage teamwork

Although every individual has to feel valued, it’s also important for your employees to be able to work as a team. When you’re part of a team that’s in the same boat, it can be easier to feel like you have the support you need. When one person is falling behind, the team either encourages that person to do more or temporarily takes on the work for them. Feeling like you’re part of a group that cares about you is invaluable in the workplace.

5. Rewards

A job well done should be rewarded. Whether it’s a box of donuts to share in the break room or lunch paid for by the boss, there’s always a way of showing your appreciation. Rewarding your employees will remind them that they’re job is a great one.

Remember, your employees are human, so a bit of understanding will go a long way.

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