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10 Life lessons from successful women


“If you are not in a good situation, just move on and get out of it. Do what you love”. The overall best advice from Maye Musk, mother of Elon Musk, 70-year-old successful model. But many successful women have fantastic advice to take you through your career — and even just your day.

1. Never stop caring. Maye Musk

“They say at a certain age you stop caring. I wonder what age that is.” The phrase of a famous commercial for Olay featuring the CoverGirl. Maye Musk is convinced that beauty doesn’t have any age and every woman have to be caring and loving to herself. Her 50 years of model experience make the phrase sound more convincing. She is the oldest CoverGirl ever.

2. “Find your passion. Otherwise, it is easy to give up.” Justine Roberts

The founder of the website for parents Mumsnet gives a few tips on running a business which may sound familiar but is often neglected by young entrepreneurs. She believes that making mistakes is a healthy way to develop. Another wonderful tip is wearing sneakers at work. First, you fit in without going to the gym, second, it is easy to catch up when you are running late, third, why should women in business spend hours for the best outfit when Mark Zuckerberg wears the same jeans and T-shirt every day?

3. Just start. Bonita Norris

The life lessons from the youngest British woman who reach the summit of Everest in 2010 are nothing new as well. Still, they seem to work correctly for success. She explains that the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that first ones are making the first step in what they are passionate. She offers to spent time in nature because“it becomes highly emotional.” Running in a forest makes you fit physically and mentally.

4. Say yes to what scares you the most. Shonda Rhimes

An American screenwriter, television producer, and author started saying yes to everything that she would typically say no. Among all the lessons learned in life, she highlights this one as the most important one.That has changed her career, motherhood, relationship, and life in general. On her TED Talks, she explains how her dream job turned into a dead-end job and how she fixed it. Saying yes to everything helped her being happy again.

5. Do what looks most reasonable and nothing else. Lisa Eldridge

Creative director, author, and makeup artist, she is one of the most successful artists in the world. At the beginning of her career, she didn’t see any other career path but becoming a make-up artist at BBC. That seemed to be unreal and at the same time the only possible way to be successful. She took a risk and succeeded.

6. “Do what you love” by Elizabeth Gilbert

The author of “Eat, pray, love” highlights the importance of women and men in the ability to share creativity just to sheer human love and stubbornness. The only way possible to do this is to reveal creativity, let it go through you, let it speak out and give it a form. Do what you love to share the love.

7. “Holding back women is holding back half of every country in the world” Amal Clooney

Aside from being Jorge Clooney’s wife with a spectacular sense of style, she is a women right’s fighter. She draws attention to women who were victims of ISIS. As a human rights lawyer, she was an advisor to Kofi Annan and worked on the Enron case and the case in the Maldives.

8. “Undoubtedly the key thing is knowledge. You really have to learn.” Isabel dos Santos

The businesswoman is the most vibrant woman in Africa. She owns an estimated net worth of $3, 4 billion. She believes that education is still a gap. She also hopes that Africa will achieve more support concerning knowledge. Her best advice for women entrepreneurs is as follows: education is the only way to success which every person is worth. She started her first business when she was 24-years-old, and now she has investments all over the world. When it becomes overloaded, you can order essay online to release the pressure.

9. “We need to reinvent education and skills, so no one’s left behind.” Ginni Rometty

Initially neural systems engineer, she became a first IBM female presidents after a 30-years of experience. She believes that now we are experiencing a new era of exponential growth at technology which needs trust and support from human side that can only be achieved by reinventing education. It is a collective task to do. Technology can be trusted by establishing principles and living by them. It is another collective task.

10. “Diversity and mixing of views are positive forces.” Christine Lagarde

Managing Director of International Monetary Fund and women rights fighter is convinced that with diversity and debates we will see more women in leadership within a few years. The forces are conducive to more stability in the world, as she believes. Women have to be more risk-averse. It will lead to success which is never complete.

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