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How to market products to create more sales


This guide outlines how to market products to make them more enticing to customers and lead to higher sales performance.

All businesses need to find strategies for how to market products and to make their products appealing to their customers, but relatively few ever actually create something genuinely compelling.

How to market products by making them more enticing

There are ways to do it, but you have to peel beneath the surface. Using traditional tactics just won’t work. It requires a shift in thinking – a new paradigm.

Add something that lights up the reward circuit

If you take a look at the world’s top brands, you’ll notice something – they all make something that makes people feel good. Facebook, for instance, isn’t an advertising platform or a social network – it’s a dopamine merchant. Customers log onto their accounts, not because they want to talk to their friends or view products, but because they want a feel-good hit. People don’t drink Coca-Cola because it is a fantastic brand – they do it because it lights up the pleasure centers in their brains.

If you have a product, therefore, you need to take immediate steps to make it more appealing as your first strategy for how to market products. Yes – the product has to work. But fundamentally, it should make people feel good. You want to hook them in some way.

Create a sense of scarcity

Coronavirus-related panic buying was a sign that people still have a fear of scarcity. When stocks run low, they immediately rush out to buy, ensuring that they get the last roll of toilet paper and not somebody else.

Marketers have known about this phenomenon for a long time and have been taking full advantage of it for how to market products. Creating a sense of scarcity by talking about limited stocks is a great way to get people to part with their cash and buy your products.

Make your product more presentable

Making a product more presentable is a great way to sell more of it. Instead of putting it on a shelf and leaving it there, embellish it with decorations and dressing. As this ultimate guide for tablecloth with logo points out, something as simple as a table covering can helpin how to market products. You can use these to display your goods, particularly if you sell food items.

Another tactic is to show your products in context. This strategy helps customers imagine how they might imagine using your wares, hopefully increasing sales.

Don’t forget the importance of product photography in how to market products either — especially if you’re an online business. The current industry standard is to show the product on a white background clearly. But while this approach should always form part of your strategy, it needn’t be the only option. You could also include additional settings to show off your product in other places.

Throw something in for free

Freebies usually cost very little, but they make a massive impact. People love thinking that they’re getting something for nothing, so if you add an item to your regular product for no extra charge, it can make a massive difference. Freebies could include an additional month of free membership, a bag of candy, or a sample of another product in your line.


So, there you have it: four simple ways for how to market products that you can instantly use to make your products more enticing and drive sales.

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