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How to make sales calls like a pro


Most people would prefer to chew through a wrought iron fence rather than pick up the phone to make a cold sales call.

I was one of them. For far too long. And it affected the growth of my business.

I’ve never been successful with cold emails. I can never get the subject line right. Every time I put my well thought through subject line through an online headline checker, it was found wanting. And it was confirmed when hardly anyone opened my cold prospecting emails.

I kept thinking there has to be a better way to grow my business.

Every time I searched online for a solution, the arrow on my mouse always pointed to the same answer.

Use the telephone.

How scary is that? Especially as we all hang up as soon as we realise the call on the other end of the line is from a call centre.


Our calls are being filtered. Our number isn’t recognised. And we’re left being the wallflower by having to leave a message on voicemail. Again. We hang up.

But sometimes what we want to achieve is so much bigger than our fear of doing it. And we knuckle down and swallow the medicine.

I became obsessed with how I could learn to be successful in cold calling. Using the telephone. In the parlance of Napoleon Hill, it became an absolute burning desire.

My journey was long. Months. Not weeks. Or days. But it’s one of the best journeys I’ve taken in my business.

And I not only learned how to use the telephone for cold calling. But now love making cold calls. And I learned it all online. Using books I downloaded from Amazon Kindle onto my desktop. Or your laptop.

Amazon Kindle was the key. Because you can copy large swathes of text from a Kindle book. And paste that text into a Word document. You’ll understand why this is so important later.

There is a limit as to what you can copy. But it’s so generous that it’s unlikely you will cross the threshold. I never did.

These are my 7 easy steps for conquering cold calling using the telephone.

Step 1.

Spend time researching what information is available online. And who’s who.

I started by keying in cold calling into Google. To see what sites I could visit. And read as much as I could on each site to familiarize myself with what information is available.

I started to get a feel for who were the real hands on experts using the telephone. And who were pretend experts. The last thing you want to do is get regurgitated information from someone who has never cut their teeth out in the field.

Step 2.

Start reading about selling. This will help you lose your fear of selling. And cold calling.

I started out just reading books. All downloaded onto my desktop. Books written by well recognised sales giants who also still sell day by day. Grant Cardone. Anthony Iannarino. Jeb Blount. Mark Hunter. Jeffrey Gitomer. Mike Weinberg.

I wanted to know what it was like to be them in a selling situation. Talking with their clients.

And did they blow my mind away?! They completely turned any ideas I had about selling on their head. And changed my attitude to cold calling. From bad and fearful. To. This has to be good for my business. I’ve got to give this a go. By the time I finished, I couldn’t wait to dip my toes into their waters.

But, alas, none of them gave me a step by step formula for how to make these cold calls. They just convinced me of the value of making cold calls. Especially using the telephone.

What I wanted next was someone to hold my hand. And tell me. Now this is what you say and do first. This is second. This is third.

What are the chances of finding that someone?

Step 3.

Go back to Professor Google. To find that someone who will teach you how to ride the bike. Someone who will hold the bike steady while you learn to balance. Who will walk with you when you first learn how to pedal. And who will let you fly by yourself when you’re ready. But will also pick you up when you fall off the bike.

I discovered there actually was someone who would take me by the hand. And teach me everything they knew.

Was this too good to be true?

In every article I read about who the best teacher was, the same name came up over and over again.

Stephan Schiffman.

Step 4. Devour his information. Because he’s written two best sellers about cold calling. I’ve read both. And they taught me everything I need to know about how to be successful on the telephone. His methods work so well for me. I’ve no doubt they will work for you as well.

Which is. Don’t sell. How comforting is that to know?!

The strategy is. Set yourself up to get to know the person who can help you. Which will open doors as to how you can help them. The natural progression being. That with interested parties. Selling is an anticlimax.

By the way. This is also the message in all the books I read by the giants in the sales world.

‘Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work. 7th Edition.’ Is for you if you have a need to secure appointments to see people. I don’t.

Step 5.

Become a student of cold calling. The book I studied from cover to cover is ‘Telesales’. For those of us who don’t need appointments. But need to get to speak to people on the phone. To get from A to Z.

Why is Amazon Kindle important in this?

Because Stephan gives you scripts for all occasions. To customise for yourself. Including leaving brilliant voicemail messages that elicit return calls.

I know. Scripts. Not for me! Oh how foolish.

His scripts are expertly written. And I was able to copy and paste them from Amazon Kindle into a Word document. And then change some words to make them my own. Rather than the tedious job of starting from scratch. Keying them in word for word. And then changing them to suit me.

By the way, I’m not talking about a script or two. I’m talking about a script for every occasion. Think. Many! Think of the time you save by being able to copy. Paste. Refine.

He starts with step 1. How to make a simple, but so important, introduction of who you are. And he steps everything after that into bite size chunks that you know will work. He leaves nothing out. Plus. What to do if something doesn’t work. This is him helping you after you fall off the bike.

Step 6.

Practice those scripts over and over and over. Until they sound natural. Keep refining the words until they sound like you.

I practiced for two weeks. Solid. Twice a day. And at night. Almost asleep. In my head – à la Napoleon Hill.

Step 7.

Name a date when you will make your first call. Keep that date. And be ready for a big surprise.

My first call was a huge success. I was blown away by how well prepared and comfortable I was. And although it wasn’t a convenient time to talk to my prospect, he invited me to call back at a specified time later that day. Stephan covers that too!

I have had nothing but good results from my cold calling. No. Not every call is a success in the sense that I score a new customer. But I’ve made so many business friends who now open my emails!

And I never make a cold call without deep preparation first. I’ve learned how to be a pro.

Once you learn how to cold call like a pro, you will never want to crunch through a wrought iron fence again!

About Carol Jones

Carol Jones is Director. And Co-founder. Of The Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover And Other Goodies. Her business designs and makes textile products that are simple solutions for difficult problems. She designs products that work. When others don't. 400,000 customers in 30 countries love that all her products are made with love and care in rural Australia by men and women who have a disability. Carol runs her worldwide business from her remote rural property in the picturesque hill country of the Central Tablelands of NSW. Australia. Where she drives an hour to buy a litre of milk. You can connect with Carol on Twitter. Facebook. Instagram.

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