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How to manage cash flow when you run a seasonal business


As a business owner, you will always be faced with challenges and obstacles that you need to deal with. If your business happens to be a seasonal business, s those challenges can be much larger. While there are many unique issues that seasonal businesses face, managing cash flow is easily at the top of the list.

For seasonal businesses, there will be months where the business is bringing lots of cash, then there will be months in the year where no cash is coming in at all. Obviously, you don’t want to permanently close your business during those off-months, so what can you do to ensure that the business stays afloat and is able to open its doors once again in high season? Here are a variety of tips and advice you can use that will help you to manage your cash flow in your seasonal business.

Be aware of your expenses and income all year round

The first tip is to make sure that your projections and forecasts are accurate when it comes to how much your business will make during its season, and then what the expenses will be during peak and off-season. This exercise is necessary so that you can determine how much money you need to make in order to cover expenses, and then figure out what you will be left with after that.

Experts recommend that you create a 12-month plan or spreadsheet that shows your expenses and income. Just be sure to update it when necessary if any of the information changes.

Only hire employees during your busy times

If your business is open year-roundbut you have a peak time, then it’s best to hire extra staff during that time and then lay them off when the busy season ends. Carrying the salary expenses of all those extra employees will only drain your cash flow that much faster during the slow season.

Explore new partnerships and deals during off-season

It can also be useful to be creative in terms of partnership deals during the off-season. Perhaps there is a way to still sell your goods and services through local customers, partnerships with other companies, or even in an online platform. Even if these efforts only bring in a small number of sales, it’s still going to count as cash flow coming in.

Consider a business loan

Even when you use all these tips and advice it can still be very difficult to manage your cash flow in a seasonal business. With that said, it may be worth looking into a business loan. You can get loans now from Become that can be approved in as little as a few hours, giving you access to cash quickly. This can make the difference of keeping your business afloat or seeing it fold before your eyes.

Stay organized and realistic

The big key to managing your cash flow in a seasonal business is to stay organized all year round and be realistic when it comes to your income and expenses.

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