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3 of the most powerful women in business


The modern business world is no longer ruled solely by Men. Many women have been making their mark. In this article, we will look at some of the most powerful women in business and analyze the ways in which they got to the top. We will also provide some helpful tips that can help you to emulate the success of these powerful women.

Top tips

Before we examine some of the most powerful women in business, we share with you the top tips for attaining power. One essential tip that is commonly mentioned is being able to relax. Business can be stressful, and therefore everybody needs a release. Meditation can be a great form of relaxation. Another form of relaxation is playing bingo. You can play bingo on some of these sites. These websites allow you to have an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Many recommend playing these types of games in order to distract your mind from the pressure of business. It is crucial to learn how to relax properly.

Another essential tip involves networking. You should treat everyone with the same respect, and always be on the lookout for new opportunities. Nobody is able to attain power solely by themselves, and through building relationships, they can find fresh perspectives, and the right social circles to take them further. The business world involves cultivating high-quality relationships, and this is done through authentic and genuine interactions.

Powerful women in business

Mary Barra

One of the most successful women CEOs is Mary Barra. She is the chairwoman of General Motors. She has an MBA from Stanford which she completed in 1990. Before her role as a CEO, she was an executive VP of global product development. She also had a prominent role in the supply chain. Her achievements in these roles allowed her to become the first female CEO of the company. General Motors is a top ten Fortune 500 company which shows the immense power that Barra has. The lesson to learn from Barra’s success is that it is crucial to shine in your roles in order to showcase your managerial capability.

Virginia Rometty

Most people are aware of the huge technology company, IBM. The current president and CEO of IBM are Virginia Rometty. She graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science in 1979. She had many positions at IBM, and some of them were hugely important. As general manager of the global divisions’ department, she was pivotal in ultimately negotiating a £2.67 billion purchase. She is highly regarded for her influence in the business world. Her competence and ability to negotiate has got her far in the business world.

Safra Catz

The next Woman on our list shares the role of Chief-Executive with Mark Hurd. They are heads of Oracle, which is a huge cloud computing company. Safra has had a varied career, with prominent roles in investment banking. She is also the Chief Financial Officer of Oracle. However, her roles don’t just stop there. She also has time to lecture accounting at Stanford Graduate school. She has many skills and has managed to put them to work in a variety of roles. Her success shows that women can take on a number of roles in order to rise to the top in the business world.

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