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  • young business woman

    Career Woman

    Young business woman | 5 crappy moments for the

    Our teenage and early 20s years are there for experience, and life lessons to be explored. However, it is not completely sunshine and lollypops. The teenage business woman will...

  • Sanaz Shirazi

    Boss Lady

    Sanaz Shirazi SSC Designer | Power Pack

    Favoured by A-listers like Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, and featured in glossies like Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle, Middle-Eastern brand SSC is an eco-luxe fur fashion...

  • tough conversations : who your enemies are

    Boss Lady

    3 Tough conversations you have to face

    We are often warned that with power comes great responsibility. Just like their male counterparts, females in positions of power must have tough conversations if they are to thrive....

  • Malala Yousafzai

    Career Woman

    Malala Yousafzai – says women have right to education

    At 17, education activist Malala Yousafzai is youngest person to win Nobel Peace Prize. And arguably one of the bravest. The Pakistani teenager was just 15 when she was shot...

  • break out of a rut

    Career Woman

    How to break out of a rut | career, family and health

    Did you wake up today dreading going to work because you are dissatisfied in your current career, or because you are not progressing as fast as your bills? Then...

  • Power pack | Helen McCabe

    Boss Lady

    Power Pack | Australian Women’s Weekly Editor-in-Chief Helen McCabe

    Helen McCabe has blazed a strong career path in media, from major newspapers and the parliament press gallery to Australia’s leading magazine, the Australian Women’s Weekly. She is also...

  • Women Glass Cliff


    Glass cliff, how women conquer

    Recently, we discussed a barrier women had to be wary of in business, the glass cliff. It’s the theory that even once a woman has smashed through the glass...

  • content marketing

    Boss Lady

    Content marketing: Women’s second nature helps

    Women’s second nature helps with content marketing – it is her best friend. Collaboration, generosity and sharing tend be second nature to women, whether by nature or nurture, but...

  • Girls20 Summit


    Girls20 Summit our key points

    The soaring sails of Sydney Opera house were the perfect location to house the shine, brilliance and talent of 23 young women for the six-day 2014 Girls20 summit. Girls20...

  • successful women

    Career Woman

    Successful women | unleashing an inner 23-year-old

    A 23-year-old woman often faces big challenges. She is usually fresh out of college, claiming independence and making an attempt to build a successful future. It often seems as...

  • Confidence

    Women leaders in the Asian Century

    Carolin Hong, President and Chair of China HR Australia and CEO of CH Asia Australia shares her views on how the ‘Asian Century’ offers opportunities for women leaders to...

  • women startups

    Boss Lady

    Why we need more women startups

    Despite the growing number of female entrepreneurs, women still remain a minority in the business-realm for both startup and established companies. So what does this mean for the economy?...