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Why women are a fantastic fit for crucial police roles


Wanting to work for the police force is an extremely admirable decision. If you want to see communities protected and able to flourish and you want a safer society, dedicating yourself to that is something to be lauded. But not everyone wants to put on the uniform and patrol the streets. The good news is that women’s heightened communication and relationship abilities are perfect for plenty of other routes in the force.


A good member of the police force understands that those on the other side of the law aren’t to be treated like villains. The goal is to rehabilitate and help them fit back in society. As a parole officer, you’ll be working with people with convictions and ensure they’re on the right path. Besides ensuring they follow the letter of their parole, you will also have to be able to help people dealing with prior issues like substance abuse. You could be a big part of helping someone change their life.


The investigation of a criminal incident relies on evidence. The veracity of that evidence and what it provides more often than not comes down to the sophisticated scientific methods of the police laboratories. If you’re science minded, then a job in forensics might involve a lot of repetitive testing, but you’re important in providing the truth of a case. The relatively new field of computer forensics is helping get to the bottom of even more crimes, nowadays, too. There are roles for the IT experts out there, too.

Emergency dispatch

The average person’s first interaction with the police force isn’t with an officer. Rather, it’s with the dispatch services. If you want to help and you have excellent communication skills as well as an attention to detail, you could have a vital role to play. Your ability to handle people in all kinds of emotional conditions on the phone, securing the right information and communicating it effectively to officers can help you ensure that a situation is handled with the appropriate response.

Why women are a fantastic fit for crucial police roles



Support staff are just as vital to the police force. The proper management and purchasing of equipment like vests, radios, LED police lights and the like ensure that the officers can do their job. HR services make the force a better place to work. Front counter personnel even play a role in helping direct visitors to the station to the right place and make sure they take the right first step in getting the help they need.



The stats provided by the police services are some of the most important indicators not only for the force but for society at large. Intelligence analysts look at that data to comprise reports that will help officers find the areas of enforcement they need to focus more on and the methods that prove the most effective. But they are also a part of a wider understanding of crime and law enforcement in our society.

The police on the street and the detectives might be the most glamorous jobs in law enforcement, but they’re not the only ones or even the most important. If you can play a role, then you should.

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