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Power up! strategies for women in online businesses


In our online world, businesses are channeling their resources into the web like never before. Future consumers will have grown up living completely under the umbrella of the internet, meaning traditional marketing techniques simply won’t have the same effects. These days, three letters come up over and over again: SEO. The art of moving your business up the online pecking order is a complicated, but ultimately rewarding task.

When people are looking to find a particular product or service, their first port of call is often the internet. And when they are doing their search, many people don’t get beyond the first page. This is just an illustration of how important SEO has become. Many businesses now get the professionals in offering a full suite of SEO services. There are also a few things that you can do yourself to boost your site.

Regular fresh content

The best way create regular fresh content is on a blog page. Search engines have been shown to react positively to sites that are regularly updated with good content. This means that it is worth taking the time to work out exactly what you are putting on there. Create a blogging schedule and be flexible with it depending on what is currently in the news. When you write a new post, make sure all the content is original and you share it through your social media accounts to drive as much traffic back to your site as possible.


One of the most successful methods of driving up your search engine ranking is accruing backlinks. A common way of getting these to begin with is by asking any partner organisations you are working with to post your link on their site in exchange for you making a reciprocal gesture. Another way is to get in touch with bloggers in your field to see if you could write guest posts for them with a link back to your site. Alternatively, if you have a product to review, this another way of gaining a valuable backlink. Plus a (hopefully) positive recommendation!

Analyse results

Services like Google Analytics allow you to carefully analyse who is visiting your site and the types of technique that seem to be working for you. Even if you have an outside agency helping you out with all of this, it is worth being well versed in this area so you can support their efforts with your own behaviour. SEO is all about tweaking your techniques over time so that you fine tune your chances of success.

It takes time

With SEO, there is rarely a fast track to success and it’s all about steady progress over time. The age of your URL is one of the main things that matters, and this is something that simply can’t be faked. If you continue doing everything right and keep on top of your site on a regular basis, you should start seeing results which will ultimately result in tangible business success.

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