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Most popular businesses for woman in Spain


As a further part of our series looking at successful businesses for women around the world, this article examines Spain. Despite its membership in the EU, today Spain is still deemed to be rather a patriarchally oriented country. That is why most companies are still conservative and hierarchically structured, although the old and conservative mindset is changing rapidly. For example, family-owned businesses, as well as most government undertakings, are run in a traditional Spanish way, i.e. with strictly separated divisions and a strong hierarchical system.

However, the Spanish strong hierarchical organisational culture has been changing in recent years due to globalisation processes and growing number of young employees having been educated abroad and changes in the society. It is remarkable that in Spain, teamwork is not so much appreciated, but individualism is predominant in management.

Spain’s patriarchal society has gone through a number of changes in the past decades, although men have long been predominant in Spanish business. Women in very high positions were a rare sight in the past. The situation has changed significantly in the last several years when Spain faced economic crisis. Spanish women entrepreneurs, in the past few years, have had to overcome major societal barriers and to prove themselves and their environment the ability to be involved into the business. Now, it is becoming increasingly common to see women working on the board of directors in companies.

Among other things, low wages were an important factor why the largest cities of the country became a place where lots of start-ups have emerged in recent years. In this way, the number of businesses created by Spanish women had nearly doubled during the last years, to just under 40%. So, many Spanish women decided to register their own company and to start their own business in Spain.

What is the most popular business for women in Spain? The choice can be large. Besides tourism that is traditional for Spanish economics, a woman can work successfully as a freelancer, a hobby that became business is also very popular among women. If a woman has an interest or a hobby like bead weaving, photography, shopping, painting, copywriting, interpreting or cooking – she can target companies or people specialised in these areas, proposing her special knowledge and skills. Social media networking and marketing are the key strengths that many Spanish women had developed as they wanted to move forward in the male-dominated world of Spanish business.

For a woman seeking to start her own business in Spain, it is recommendable to choose a company easy to manage. Such form of the company can be sole trader or limited liability company, which is preferable due to its limitation of liability. A Spanish limited liability company requires minimal infrastructure.

The procedure of business registration in Spain is not very difficult. However, it requires to implement many steps and formalities in the right order and to visit some state authorities in person. Since the procedure of setting up a company from the beginning requires much time and effort, an opportunity to buy a ready-made company in Spain seems to be an attractive alternative for those women who do not wish to spend much time with formalities.

As a general rule, most of the ready-made companies in Spain are founded as limited liability companies, as this business form represents the most common, flexible and convenient type of company registered here. It is remarkable that most firms that offer ready-made companies for sale can perform all the formalities within the shortest time limits.

A woman who decided to start her own business in Spain has to choose her business field, identify her potential customers and acquire a company either via registration of a new legal entity or by purchasing an established company with a good reputation. In order not to get lost in formalities and to avoid possible mistakes, it is advisable to contact a professional lawyer before registering or purchasing a company in Spain.

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